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The electronic signals are easier to maintain if they carry ...


Binary data

142. … can be either zero or one.


143. n bits can represent … states.


144. Three bits can represent … states.


145. IEEE is …

Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers

146. ANSI is …

American National Standards Institute

147. ETSI is …

the European Telecommunications Standards Institute

148. CEN is …

the European Committee for Standartization

149. CENELEC is …

the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standartization

150. Each character is coded as a …


151. 27 are … codes.


152. The Unicode character set uses … bits per character.


This is a programmable and multiuse machine that accepts raw facts and figures, processes or manipulates it into information for future use.

Computer Technology

It consists of electromagnetic devices and systems for communication over long distances.

Communication Technology

This is high capacity machine with thousands of processors that can perform more than several trillion calculations per second.

Super Computer

It is often called as mid size computer.


These are expensive, powerful personal computers used for specific task like designing, 3d animation and other.


This is PC which is either stand alone or connected over a network.


159. Desktop PC, Tower PC, Laptops, hand held computers. Common name is …


It is tiny in size with a specialized microprocessor installed in it. It is normally found in smart appliances and automobiles.


This is a centralized computer that holds the collection of data (Database) and sharing resources between the clients over the network.


Data that has been summarized or manipulated to give the required result.


Physical components of a computer.


Programs that consists of the instructions that tell the computer how to carry out a specific task.


Raw facts and figures.


166. … is manipulation the computer does to transform the data into information.

Processing operations

Circuitry that holds the data waiting to be processed.

Storage operations

Devices that store data and information permanently.

Permanent /secondary

169. Data or information is transferred through a wired or wireless medium for … purpose.

Communication operations

170. The first electronic computer was called the …

ENIAC(Electronic Memericall Integrator and Calculator)

171. … invented a technology for program storage.

Dr. John von Neumann

Could perform 200,000 to 250,000 calculations per second.


Combined components of a computer on a microchip.


174. The first computers used … to make calculations.

Vacumn tubes

175. Base of first age of computers are …


176. Base of second age of computers are …

Mechanical calculators

177. Base of third age of computers are …

Punched cards

178. Base of forth age of computers are …

Vacuum tubes

Temporarily stores data and program instructions while the computer is running.

Main memory

Executes instructions.


Permanently store data and application programs.

Storage devices

It includes methods to analyze time-series data in order to extract useful patterns, trends, rules and statistics

Time-Series analysis


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