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Today some young people want to study abroad. Would you do the same?

Let's talk about studying at school. What is your school like?

When I'm talking now about my school I mean a whole complex of things, which made up my life there, influenced my views, formed my character and gave me pleasant feelings and emotions. I am absolutely sure that school plays an important role in every pupil's life. It's also a place where we make friends, learn to value moral qualities in people and develop our talents and skills.

Here I'd like to say that my teachers were highly educated people. Their attitude to the pupils was always friendly and tolerant.

The school building itself is of a typical design with the same layout and classrooms, administrative offices, canteens, gyms and libraries as you can see in most other schools. The school is 25 years old. About 1400 pupils study in our school.

One part of the building is given to junior children. During the breaks they ran along the corridors making a lot of noise.

On the first, second and third floors there are different classrooms and special studies with the necessary equipment. For instance, we've got 2 computer classrooms and 2 language classrooms.

We were proud of our assembly hall, where all kinds of performances, concerts and meetings are held. Our canteen is one of the favourite places at school especially for older pupils. Pupils have lunch during the breaks. Besides you can find many tasty things in our canteen. You can take different books, magazines and newspapers from our library. We don’t have a swimming pool in our school but instead we have a spacious gym.

Now when I have finished school, my heart is full of gratitude to most teachers for the knowledge they gave me and to many of my friends who made my school life enjoyable.


Do you agree that Belarusian secondary school provides a person with good knowledge? Why?

Yes, I do. I agree that Belarusian secondary school provides a person with good knowledge. First of all the programmes of Belarusian secondary school include all the subjects necessary for basic knowledge. Students may be involved in different educational activities which provide not only theoretical base but also practical skills: such as making different projects and presentations, research work, making speeches. The aim of our secondary education is also to learn social skills, to develop critical thinking, to develop understanding of other people, to prepare for life in the workplace and many others.


Ask me what kind of pupil I was at school?

Did you like school when you were a pupil?

What was your favourite subject?

Were you good (bad) at Languages?

Did you take part in school concerts? sport competitions?

Did you behave well at school?

Did you always get good marks?

Did you often cheat at school?


4.What can you advise a student who is not very good at languages to do to achieve better results?

Learning English takes a lot of time, patience and effort. It’s not always fun and easy! In order to improve your English, you need to make English a part of your life. Do something in English every day! It’s important to remember that there is no one way or ‘right’ way to study English. Everybody learns differently. You can read English books, watch films in English, listen to English songs. You can also find English-speaking friends in the internet and communicate with them. it`s up to you to decide.


Today some young people want to study abroad. Would you do the same?

Studying abroad has both advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand studying abroad can be great fun -there are new friends to make, new experiences to have, plus you’ll always have lots of stories to tell to your friends back home. You can learn another language, explore another culture. Mentioning that you have studied abroad can look very good to potential employers when it comes to applying for jobs.

On the other hand, you may experience language problems and culture shock. You may feel alone and without any of the social and emotional support from relatives and old friends. Making and developing friendships takes time and it can be more difficult in a culture that you are not used to. Besides it`s rather expensive.

As for me I would like to study…


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