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Варіант 5. І. Вставте артиклі , де це необхідно

І. Вставте артиклі , де це необхідно

1. He was raised with help from his ... grandfather, who served in ... army, and his ... grandmother, who worked her way up from ... typing pool to ... middle management at ... bank.

2. Obama is ... graduate of ... Columbia University and ... Harvard Law School, where he was ... president of the Harvard Law Review.

3. He was ... community or­ganizer in ... Chicago before earning his ... law degree.

IIВставте модальні дієслова can, may, must або need замість крапок.

1. Peter ... return the book to the library. We all want to read it. 2. Why ... not you understand it? It is so easy. 3. ... we do the exercise at once? — Yes, you ... do it right now.

ІІІ. Перепишіть наступні речення в минулому часі – Past Simple Tense.

1. At half past seven my son gets up and has breakfast.

2. I have breakfast with my son.

3. My son eats a sandwich and drinks a cup of tea.

IV. Перекладіть текст.

On October 14th, 1066 England was invaded for the last time. On that day, Duke William of Normandy met and defeated the English army at Hastings. The battle started early in the morning. When it was over in the evening, Harold, the last Saxon king of England, was dead and Duke William had conquered one of the oldest and richest kingdoms in Europe. On Christmas Day, 1066 Duke William — or William the Conqueror as he later became known — was crowned William I, King of England, in Westminster Abbey.

William the Conqueror was King of England for twenty-one years. At first the Saxons hated the Normans and they had good reasons for this. King William divided the country among his Norman lords and these lords forced the Saxons to work on the land for them. There were lots of forests and wild animals in England at the time. These forests now belonged to the Normans.

V. Складіть 3 запитання до тексту (загальне, спеціальне та альтернативне).

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