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II.Put five questions to the text in writing.


III.Fill in the gap with the correct form of the verb.

1)The children have ______ a pizza. (a)eat b)ate c)eating d)eaten)

2)We ______ to the circus yesterday. (a)going b)gone c)go d)went)

3)She didn’t ______ us anything. (a)gave b)give c)given d)giving)

4)He can ______ English. (a)speaks b)speak c)spoken d)to speak)

5)I haven't ______ to her yet. (a)speak b)spoke c)spoken d)speaking)

6)They ______ here yesterday. (a)come b)is coming c)came d)have come)

7)The boy ______ hungry. (a)has b)is c)were d)are)

8)Paul ______ a beautiful poem. (a)has written b)are writing c)have written d)were writing)


IV. Without translating the sentences into English, write down which English grammar tense must be used for translation.

Model: Я не люблю кататься на лыжах. – The past Simple Tense

1. Ты видел когда-нибудь этот фильм?

2. Она хочет поговорить по-китайски?

3. Я был целый день лома вчера.

4. Он проведет отпуск в Китае.

5. Мы сейчас не смотрим кино.


V. Choose the correct variant of translation and write down the chosen English sentence.

1. Оборудование, которое они поставляют на завод – новейшее.

a) Up-to-date equipment being supplied by them to the plant.

b) This is the plant which they supply with up-to-date equipment.

c) The equipment they supply the plant with is up-to-date.

2. Тебе следовало бы сесть на диету еще полгода назад.

a) You must go on a diet half a year ago.

b) You should have gone on a diet half a year ago.

c) You must have gone on a diet half a year ago.

3. О чем они говорят?

a) Who are they speaking to?

b) What are they speaking about?

c) What are they speaking for?

4. Oн oблaдaет oбширными знaниями в oблaсти медицины.

a) Hе has a dееp knowlеdgе іn mеdіcіnе.

b) Hе have a dееp knowlеdgе іn mеdіcіnе.

c) Hе was a dееp knowlеdgе іn mеdіcіnе.


VI. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct grammar tense.

1. How do you like your new job? — I don’t start it until tomorrow. I_____ (give) you an answer next week.

2. I suppose he_____ (talk) about his new invention.

3. Why are you packing your suitcase? — I_____ (leave) for Los Angeles in a couple of hours.

4. My regular doctor, Dr. Jordan, _____ (attend) a conference in Las Vegas next week, so I hope I _____ (meet) her partner, Dr. Peterson, when I _____ (go) for my appointment next Friday.

5. What time class _____ (begin) tomorrow morning? — It_____ (begin) at eight o’clock sharp.

VII. Put questions to the underlined parts of the sentences.

1. They didn't expect me when I came.

2. You can find out the timetable of trainsat the railway station

3. They have practised the song for two days.

The English Language


Variant VII


I. Read the text and translate it into Russian in writing.

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