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Exercise 1. Transform the sentences according to the model

Model: Susan is a woman. She does the books.

Susan is a woman who does the books.

1. Partners are people. They have unlimited liability.

2. This is my partner. He often runs a risk.

3. He is a shop-assistant. He gets along well with all the customers.

4. Susan is a partner. She puts a big amount of money into business.

5. Jean is my friend. She has the background of accounting.

6. Barbara is my partner. She knows how to attract customers.

7. Tom is a partner. He is good at selling.

8. Jack is my friend. He is a secret partner of my business.

9. Helen is my friend. She had supper with Jack in the restaurant.

Exercise 2. Answer the questions.

1. What do you want to be busy with?

2. Do you want to go into business alone or with a partner?

3. With what partner do you get along well? 4.1magine you run a shop. What will you do to attract customers?

5. Do you need to consult a lawyer, to make a right choice when starting the business.

6. What is your background?

7. Are you a careful person, or do you like to run a risk?

8. How can you combine the resources with your partner?

9. What services and skills can you contribute in your business?

10.How will you distribute profits and losses in your partnership?

11 .What kind of partner would you like to be: a general partner or a limited partner? Why so?

Exercise 3. Translate into English.

1. Члены правления имеют полную юридическую ответственность.

2. Партнер с ограниченной юридической ответственно­стью не имеет реальной власти.

3. Секретный партнер принимает участие в управлении, но он не известен общественности.

4. Я хочу вложить деньги в недвижимость.

5. Партнерство имеет много преимуществ.

6. Партнерство часто получает налоговые льготы от пра­вительства.

7. Мы хорошо ладим с партнером.

8. Наше кафе привлекает все больше и больше клиентов.

9. Я сделал правильный выбор. Это дело приносит много прибыли.

10.Мой рабочий опыт связан с менеджментом.

11 .Она хорошо разбирается в бухгалтерском деле.

12. Мы вкладываем в дело одинаковый капитал.

Exercise 4. Discuss the following problem: A Joint Venture*. Pro and Con.


*A Joint Venture - совместное предприятие

Exercise 5. Make up the dialogue.

Consult the lawyer how to form a partnership. Use your active vocabulary.

Grammar Exercises

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