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A) Translate sentences from English into Russian

1. The reporter asked the judge why he had chosen this career.

2. Sarah claimed that she wanted to work at the Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation.

3. Angelina explained that she would not have enough work experience after graduating from the Academy.

4. The judge said that he was going to read a newspaper before the court session.

5. She said that he could not remember what the case was about.

6. He told us that the court trial would be very complicated.

b) Read the dialogue and change the sentences from direct to reported speech.

Ann: Hi, Mary! Where are you going?

Mary: I am going to the Regional court. My friend works as a judge there.

Ann: Oh, really! I have never been to the court! I have never seen a judge! May I go with you?

Mary: Sure. When we come to the court, we’ll have to pass through security including metal detectors.

Ann: Oh, it’s so exciting!

Mary: And it is necessary to have a passport for identification. If you have no passport, you won’t be allowed to enter the court building.

Ann: Oh, I’ve left my passport at home! What shall we do?

Mary: I am terribly sorry, but you’ll have to go to the court next time.

C) Translate sentences from Russian into English.

1. Преподаватель сказал, что мы будем писать контрольную по судебной системе на следующей неделе.

2. Студенты узнали, что Верховный суд США это высшая судебная инстанция в США.

3. Мы спросили судью, когда было рассмотрено то сложное дело.

4. В статье говорилось, что дело было пересмотрено по вновь открывшемся обстоятельствам на прошлой неделе.

5. Девушка думала, что она переводит текст про арбитражные суды.

6. Я знал, что в Конституционном суде РФ 19 судей.

Exercise 14

Dialogue focus. Presentations.

Make a presentation to describe the court system in Russia according to the plan:

1. Sources of law in the Russian Federation.

2. The main groups of courts in the RF.

3. The Courts of General Jurisdiction (structure and competence).

4. The Commercial Courts (structure and competence).

5. The Russian Federation Constitutional Courts (structure and competence).

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