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Exercise 5. Conduct a scientific meeting on: «Laser and its applications»

Use texts 10A, 10B, and IOC as a basis for the preparation of an oral talk (устное сообщение), short abstracts (краткие тезисы), summary (реферат) of the presenta­tion and for the discussion of the theme (тема).

Useful Words and Phrases of Scientific Communication at a scientific meeting, conference, round-table discussion, symposium, colloquium, seminar, session, con­gress, etc.

Stages of a meeting Phrases
Opening a meeting Introducing a speaker Interrupting a speaker Opening a discussion Ending a discussion Thanking Ending a meeting Introducing the report Chairman I declare the meeting open. Right, can we start? Ladies and Gentlemen, are we ready to begin? OK then, perhaps we could make a start? I have a great pleasure to introduce Dr. (Prof.) Baker, an expert in ... Our first speaker, Dr Baker, will speak on... May I draw your attention to the fact that this point will be discussed later? And now I'd like to open the discussion on the presentation given by Dr Baker. Are there any questions to Dr Baker? May I propose that we stop there? I'm sure I'm speaking for everyone when I say how grateful we are to Dr Baker for his informative (excellent) presentation, (talk, speech, lecture). Pd like to thank everybody here. I declare the meeting closed. Speaker Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a great honour to address this meeting (conference); I'd like to talk in my report about ... First of all (in the first place) I'd like to name the main points of my paper.

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