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(Peter and Karen work in a large company. They are having dinner in the company cafe).

Peter Hi, Karen. Glad to meet you. You looked very busy this morning. There were so many statements on your table,

Karen Oh, Peter. This is the end of the year. The accounting department is very busy.

Peter I know. We are all very busy, totaling accounts. But I've already turned in the report on my department.

Karen Good.

Peter So, how's business.

Karen I don't know everything. I am busy with some records and statements. I don't have the whole picture. But I think the company is doing very well.

Peter I am sure of it. We have to keep our creditors and investors happy.

Karen Well, the balance sheet and profit and loss statement are ready, It is the end of the fiscal year. So everybody can check out the assets and liabilities, net worth and profit position of the company in the financial statements.

Peter Do you work with the pay checks?

Karen Why are you asking?

Peter I thought you could explain me the big difference between my gross pay and my net take-home pay.

Karen The explanation takes only one word - taxes. Actually the salaries are done through the cornputer.

Peter Really?

Karen Sure. We can't handle any volume in a large company without computers.

Peter You are right. Thank you for a very interesting information.

Karen Oh, it's my pleasure. Let's go to get some dessert.


accounting department to total accounts to turn in the report creditor investor profit and loss statement assets and liabilities net worth     financial statement pay check gross gross pay net net pay tax salary fiscal year - бухгалтерский отдел - суммировать счета - сдать отчет - кредитор - инвеститор - отчет по прибыли и убыткам - актив и пассив а) стоимость имущества за вычетом обязательств б) собственный капитал предприятия - финансовый отчет - платежный чек - валовый, брутто - плата с вычетами - чистый, нетто - плата без вычетов - налог - зарплата - фискальный (бюджетный) год

Exercise 4. Translate from Russian into English.

1. Бухгалтерский учет представляет данные для кредиторов и вкладчиков.

2. Они готовят отчет о доходах и балансовый отчет в конце финансового года.

3. Мы определяем эффективность производства с помощью анализа коэффициентов.

4. Недвижимость является собственностью корпорации.

5. Мы проверим актив и пассив и определим стоимость имущества за вычетом обязательств.

6. Мы платим большие налоги.

7. Сколько ты получаешь без вычетов?

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