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Copyrights and property rights

8. Copyrights and property rights on informational systems, technologies and means of their providing can be belong to different persons. The owner of informational systems has to protect copyrights in accordance with legislation. Informational systems and databases, intended for citizens' and organizations' informational service, are subjected to certification according to the established custom. The organizations, which work in the field of making design, producing the means of information protection and personal data treatment, must obtain licenses to conduct such activity. The steps for obtaining license are defined by the legislation.

V. Read the third sentence from the beginning and mark pauses. Divide it into sense groups, find out the means of connection between these sense groups and between the words in each group.

VI. In paragraphs 1-3 find English equivalents of the following words and word combinations: представлять угрозу информационной безопасности, предлагает комплекс мер, способы защиты, средства обработки, широкое распространение ПK, решить проблему, штрафные меры, осуществлять эффективный контроль, нарушители информационной безопасности, общественное производство, проникновение компьютеров во все сферы жизни, необходимость обеспечить эффективную защиту.

VII. Read paragraph 5 and answer the questions.

What information is considered confidential?
How may personal data be used?
What are the categories of personal information?

VIII. In paragraph 8 find the information about copyrights and render it to your partner.

IX. Say whether the following statements are true or false.

State organizations have more legal rights than non-state ones in terms of ac-cess to the development and producing of informational systems, technologies.
Documents which belong to a person can be included in the state structure of informational sources if it is necessary for the state.
The owner of informational systems is a person who got it by any legal way.
Informational systems and databases, intended for citizens’ and organizations’ informational service, are not obligatory subjected to certification.
The informational systems, technologies and means of their providing can be considered as a good.
The organizations, which work in the field of making design, producing the means of information security and personal data must obtain licenses.

X. Complete the following sentences choosing the most suitable variant.

The development of computer technology has moved the problems of information security to the rank of …
    a most serious problems of industrial policy
    b most important problems of national economy
    c most significant problems of economic activity
The collection, storage, use and distribution of private information …
    a are permitted for employers
    b are carried out by state institutions
    c are not allowed by the law
The development of data processing technology has led to the appearance of …
    a official department rules and instructions
    b information of financial institutions
    c the necessity of providing effective protection to information
The fact of great number of computer users means …
    a the definite risk to security
    b poor quality of processing of information
    c slower access to data resources
The organizations, which work in the field of making design, producing the means of information protection and personal data treatment must …
    a determine the using conditions of their product
    b use new informational services at homes
    c obtain licenses to conduct such activity

XI. Make an outline of the text.

XII. Speak about the significance of protection of information.

Part B

I. Look through the list of English words and their Russian equivalents facilitating reading text B.

abuse /q'bju:s/ злоупотребление, неправильное употребление
alarm /q'la:m/ смятение, страх
challenge /'tSxlqndZ/ вызов; сложная задача, проблема
collusion /kq'lu: Zn/ сговор, тайное соглашение
commit /kq'mIt/ совершать
consequence /'kPnsIkwqns/ следствие; вывод, заключение
employ /Im'plOI/ нанимать; предоставлять работу
engage /In'geIdZ/ нанимать; занимать
espionage /'espiqna:Z/ шпионаж, шпионство
extortion /Ik'stO:Sn/ вымогательство
imply /Im'plaI/ подразумевать, намекать
swindle /'swIndl/ жульничество, мошенничество

II. Define the meaning of the “x” words.

admit: admitting = допускать: Х
enrich: enrichment = обогащать:Х
interfere: interference = вмешиваться:Х
sure: ensure = уверенный:Х
maintain: maintenance = поддерживать: Х
law: unlawful = закон: Х
intend: intentional = намереваться: Х
considerable: considerably = значительный: Х

III. Complete the sentences with the given words:

defined informational protected causing unlawful
computer processing by means of fulfilled collusion
Computer crime is any action … by means of electronic data … system or against it.
The organizations that use … technologies and people who use new … services at homes are worried most of all.
The most danger can represent such specialists who are in … with managers of commercial structures.
The criminal has the opportunity of penetration to the … systems … remote access.
Computer crime can also be … as all intentional and … actions, which lead to … harm to possessions.

IVI. Study the following words and choose:

a) adjectives

probably, probability, probable
order, orderly, orderliness
intention, intentional, intent
doubt, doubted, doubtful
consideration, considerable, considerably
consideration, considerable, considerably

b) adverbs

safety, safely, safe
official, officially, officious
widen, width, widely
gradually, gradation, gradient
complete, completion, completely
relate, relative, relatively

V. Read the text and define its main idea.

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