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VIII. Restore the dialogue filling in the gaps with the words and word combinations from the list, translate it into Russian

royalty, leading way, granting master licence, a foothold, the operations manual, joint venture, the front end, expect, the returns, underdeveloped, a local market expertise, well established, put up, the franchise agreement, franchise, the annual turnover, run, liquid capital, a franchised outlet, to take advantage

Secretary: Good afternoon. ‘Marks and Spencer International’.

Mr Laxon: Good afternoon. Can I speak to Mr Glades, Franchise Development Manager, please?

Secretary: Just a moment, I'll check if he is in…Yes, I'm putting you through.

Mr Glades: George Glades, Franchise Development Department, can I help you?

Mr Laxon: Good afternoon, Mr Glades. It's Adam Laxon, Sales Director for ‘Trend’, Texas. I've been trying to get in touch with you in order to talk over the possibility of taking out a_________ with your company.

Mr Glades: I see. Yes, we’re already ___________in many states but not in yours yet. Well, I think you realize that your company will have to_______a considerable sum of money to open and to __________ the business…

Mr Laxon: Certainly. That’s actually the point I’d like to discuss. What are your financial requirements for setting up_____________?

Mr Glades: Well, let’s see… We have a rich franchising experience, which shows that you’ll probably need about $ 30000-35000 of _______if you are going to ask for a credit, about $ 70000 of working capital and about $ 10000 for the front end.
Mr Laxon: And what about the on-going fees?

Mr Glades: The _________makes around 6 % of__________and the marketing and publicity fees - around 4 %.

Mr Laxon: I see. And what is the projected turnover of a typical outlet?

Mr Glades: Since Texas is relatively __________ in the franchising business and we will be_________ in it, the turnover in the first year probably won't exceed $ 150000 and it will make about $ 20000 of profit for you. But I think we could increase _________significantly if we carry out_______________.

Mr Laxon: Glad to hear it! And what is the procedure of__________?

Mr Glades: Well, we settle the financial and management terms of the initial contract and sign____________, which will enable you ___________ of our brand names. Then your company pays ___________and we provide you with____________, which will guide you in operating your business. Where is your head office located?

Mr Laxon: In Houston. You could use it as ___for moving into the state’s market.
Mr Glades: That’s right.

Mr Laxon: Thank you, Mr Glades for the information. I’ll call you back during the week to fix a meeting and talk over the details of our_________________.

Mr Glades: All right. I _____________to hear from you soon. Good-bye.

Mr Laxon: Good-bye.

IX. Study the given information about the American franchise “Imagine that!!!” You are interested in finding out more because you think that the concept would work well in your own country.

Imagine That!!!

“Imagine That!!!” is a new American franchise whose customers all have one thing in common: they are all aged between 2 and 10! The idea for the company, which was started in April 2008 was the brainchild of two married couples, the Bonders and the Petersons, who all thought that there was room on the market for a new concept in children’s entertainment. As Mrs Peterson says: "We wanted to start a fun business, which our children would enjoy and could get involved with. We wanted to have some fun place, where parents could bring their children and which would also be educational." At present the company’s first “Discovery Center” is located in East Hanover, New Jersey, but there are already plans to open a second, franchised operation in the near future. The centres themselves, occupy 14 square feet, contain 38 exhibits that children can interact with. In the "Kidpot" children can sit in the cockpit of a real Piper airplane and handle the controls. At the ‘Corner Grocery’ they can do their own shopping that they can even pay with pretend money. “Imagine That!!!" also aims to familiarize children with some of the difficulties which face handicapped people in their daily lives. The "Disabled" exhibit gives the chance to handle Braille books and to attend handicap awareness demonstrations. The company is expanding actively and is keen to hear from people who would be interested in taking out an ”Imagine That!!!” franchise. Although the cost of opening an “Imagine That!!!” unit will vary according to size and location, future franchisees should be prepared to make a total investment of between $ 385000 and $ 425000.

X. Prepare a list of additional information that you need about the
franchiser and of any specific questions that you would like to ask. Now, using your list, write a short e-mail message to “Imagine that!!!”
in which you present yourself as a potential franchiser or master
franchiser and then request information on the various points.

Thee-mail address of “Imagine that!!!’’ is imagine@hotmail.comNB! Don't forget to indicate your own e-mail address.

To: ________________________________________________

Cc: ________________________________________________

Bcc: _______________________________________________

Subject: ____________________________________________


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