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Grammar exercises

I. Complete the sentences. Use to be going to + one of these verbs:

Eat lie visit fall study have spend be rain speak wash repair

1. My hair is durty. I’m going to wash it. 2. John’s university course begins in October. He ……. engineering. 3. I’m hungry. I …. this sandwich. 4. She feels tired. She….. down for an hour.5. Look at those black clouds. It … 6. I …. my English in the morning. 7. We … some beautiful places in your town. 8. I feel terrible. I …. sick. 9. The ceiling in this room doesn’t look very safe. It looks as if it …. down. 10. I … to my friend. 11. They … the equipment in this room. 12. We …. the weekends at the seashore in summer time.

II. Ask questions to the words in bold.

1. I am going to stay at home. 2. Physicists and chemists are going to develop clean and safe technologies to protect nature. 3. We are going to translate lettersfrom English into Russian. 4. He is going to do his homework on Monday evening. 5. We are going to start work at the end of October. 6. They are going to get home by car. 7. I am going to spend my free time at home, I am a home sitter. 8. Our scientists are going to solve a lot of mysteries about unseen forces. 9. We are going to watch wonderful sunrises and sunsets in the village. 10. Heis going to ask you only one question.

III. Translate into English.

1. Завтра я собираюсь отправить телеграммы всем нашим коллегам. 2. Ты собираешься принимать участие в нашем исследовании? 3. Когда ты собираешься переписывать контрольную работу? 4. Я и мой однокурсник часто опаздываем на лекции, поэтому завтра мы собираемся встать до 6.30. 5. Я намереваюсь посещать все лекции и семинары по праву. 6. Ты ничего не делаешь. Я не собираюсь помогать тебе. 7. Вы собираетесь улучшить оборудование в лаборатории? 8. Ученые нашего университета собираются проводить серьезные и важные исследования в области физики. 9. В каком университете ты собираешься учиться? 10. Собирается дождь, пойдем домой. 11. Мы не собираемся тратить много денег на вечеринку. 12. Когда ты собираешься навестить нас?

Pre-text exercises

I. Look at the following international words, guess their meaning and practice the pronunciation:

decree, initiative, institute, professor , internationally, prize, training, academician, modern, diploma, international, organization, architecture, campus , hall, laboratory, clinic, pharmacy, theatre, office, journal, tennis court, football, stadium, sport, collection, title, technology, to consult, electronic, license, text, online database, website, information, faculty, to assist, process, activity, to coordinate, instruction, distance, popular, prestigious., to cooperate, total.

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