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Варіант 21

І. Вставте артиклі , де це необхідно

1.Brown has ... PhD in ... history from ... University of ... Edinburgh and spent his ... early career working as ... television journalist.

2. He has been ... Member of ... Parliament since 1983.

3. As ... Prime Minister, he also held ... offices of First Lord of ... Treasure and ... Minister for ... Civil Service.

II. Вставте модальні дієслова can, may, must або need замість крапок.

Everything is clear and you ... not go into detail now. 2. He ... not drink alcohol when he drives. 3. Don’t worry! I ... change a light bulb

III. Перепишіть наступні речення в минулому часі – Past Simple Tense.

1. He looks at his watch. It is a quarter to seven.

2. Quickly Boris jumps out of bed and runs to the bathroom.

3. He has just time to take a cold shower and drink a glass of tea with delicious sandwiches.

IV. Перекладіть текст.

Tourists usually see only a very small part of London. They visit the sights, or they go to the big stores, theatres and cinemas in the West End. But this is London, too. In areas like Brixton in South London and the East End, a lot of houses and buildings are very old and shabby. Most people there are poor. The parents of many young people once came from India, Pakistan or the West Indies.

Houses and flats in the nice parts of London are very expensive. They cost so much that even most people with good jobs cannot pay for them. So many people live in the towns and villages outside London. Of course they must travel a long way to work. Two or three hours every day in a train is quite normal for some of these commuters.

The name of one very small part of London (about one square mile) is famous all over the world.

It is the City.

V. Складіть 3 запитання до тексту (загальне, спеціальне та альтернативне).

Варіант 22

I. Вставте артиклі , де це необхідно

1. After ... initial rise in ... opinion polls, Brown’s time as ... Prime Minister saw his ... approval rat­ings fall and ... Labour Party suffered its ... worst local election results in 40 years.

2. On 11 May 2010, Brown officially resigned as ... Prime Minister and leader of ... Labour Party.

3. He was succeeded as ... Prime Minister by David Cameron. At ... age of 43, Cameron became ... youngest British Prime Minister and Leader of ... Conservative Party.

II. Вставте модальні дієслова can, may, must або need замість крапок.

By the end of the week I... have finished writing my book. 2. She ... not call the doctor again unless she feels- worse. 3. I ... not go out today: it is too cold.

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