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A) степени сравнения прилагательных.

1. Janet looks … than she did.

a) thin, b) thiner, c) thinner, d) the thinnest

2. Ico was the … company in the city.

a) worst, b) worse, c) bad, d) better

3. This is … of all the new TV shows.

a) more popular, b) the most popular, c) most popular, d) the popularest

4. A motor bike isn’t as … as a car.

a) more expensive, b) the most expensive, c) expensive, d) expensiver

B) Past Simple/Past Continuous.

1. There … a lot of people in the park yesterday.

a) were, b) was, c) are, d) is

2. Where … to school?

a) you go, b) you went, c) did you go, d) you did go

3. They … when the fire alarm rang.

a) cook, b) cooked, c) was cooking, d) were cooking

4. He was talking on his mobile while he … .

a) drove, b) was driving, c) were driving, d) driving

5. … your parents happy with your decision?

a) were, b) was, c) did, d) do

6. Claude didn’t … in Canada.

a) lived, b) lives, c) live, d) living

7. –Did you watch TV last night?

–… . I was revising for the test.

a) Yes, I did. b) Yes, I was. c) No, I didn’t. d) No, I wasn’t.

C) Present Perfect/Past Simple.

1. … you reserved your hotel room yet?

a) Did, b) Have, c) Do, d) Has

2. Emma … her suitcase last night.

a) has packed, b) did pack, c) didn’t packed, d) packed

3. When … a film star?

a) did she become, b) did she became, c) has she become, d) she became

4. We … back from our holiday.

a) just came, b) just have come, c) has just come, d) have just come

D) Active/Passive.

1. The streets are cleaned every day.

a) Улицы убирают каждый день.

b) Улицы убирали каждый день.

c) Улицы уберут днем.

2. My friend wrote this letter.

a) Моему другу написали это письмо.

b) Моему другу пишут письма.

c) Мой друг написал это письмо.

3. Anna was invited to the party by John.

a) Анна пригласила на вечеринку Джона.

b) Анну пригласил на вечеринку Джон.

c) Анну пригласили на вечеринку с Джоном.

E) Questions.

1. Why … he at the café?

a) be, b) was, c) were, d) did

2. … he … the car this month?

a) Did … repaired, b) Have … repaired,

c) Has … repaired, d) Has … repair

3. What time … return home?

a) you do, b) are you, c) does you, d) do you

4. Who … this newspaper?

a) did give you, b) gave you, c) you gave, d) did you gave

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