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A. How do you think what kind of skills a good manager must possess?

Qualities and characteristics of a good manager can be divided into 3 main groups as follows: Personal characteristics, Business characteristics and Relationship qualities.

Personalcharacteristics: a genuine interest in and respect for people; patience, understanding and the ability to listen non-judgmentally; excellent oral and written communication skills and presentation skills; objectivity and tact; the ability to motivate and inspire clients; good organizational and planning skills Business characteristics: Some level of business acumen is important when you are a manager. While you may not need to be on the level of a professional dealmaker, familiarity with basic business principles and practices can be helpful Relationship qualities: You will need to know how to manage relationships between yourself and your subordinates. You should also know how to develop relationships with your superiors, and coordinate relationships between those above you and below you in the hierarchy.  

B. 1) Read Management qualities and characteristics given in the box and categorize them into Personal, Business and Relationship qualities.

Self-motivation Industry knowledge Communication qualities Integrity Business hierarchy Collaboration Team player Dependability/Reliability Calmness Legal implications Basic money management Flexibility Ability to delegate Respect Organization Value others Customer service

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