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Тема: Приклад доповіді захисту курсового проекту

Завдання до самостійної роботи:

I. Перекласти текст українською мовою.

II. Поставити 10 запитань до тексту.

The example of course project

The name of my course project is “Automation of calculation of the drive to a belt conveyor”

The program is developed with the purpose of automation of calculation of the drive to a belt conveyor. It can be used at pipelines drives projections, which are widely applied in different areas of the industry.The program can be applied to kinematics both design calculations chock-strop and h-pole serrated transmissions. At solution of technical engineering tasks , it is necessary to know how to calculated and construct mechanisms and general-purpose details. Solution of these tasks will considerably become simpler at usage of this program with a help of , it will be possible to select rationally materials of cogwheels , fast to resize transmissions and to bring in corrective

amendments concerning checking calculations on strength , to discover the most rational constructive solution .

In an operating program of “machine components “ discipline for holding of calculation in an usual way , it is spend about 10 hours and with usage of this program – 15-30 minutes. Simple usual for the user the interfacing of the program doesn't required durable mastering which will increase an amount of people , which will use this program .For a simplicity and obviousness of operation , it works under an operation system of a Microsoft Windows.

Рекомендована література:

1. Гальперин И.Р., Медникова Э.М. Большой англо-русский политехнический словарь. – Москва: Русский язык, 1987.

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Дидактичне забезпечення:текст, словник.

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