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Тема: Технічний переклад та переказ тексту за фахом: «Що можуть роботи»

Завдання до самостійної роботи:

I. Скласти словник незнайомих слів з тексту (не менше 20 слів).


Слово Транскрипція Переклад
distribution [,distri`bju∫n] розподіл

II. Вивчити слова на пам'ять

III. Перекласти текст українською мовою.

IV. Зробіть переказ тексту за планом :а)історія виникнення слова “робот”;б) типи промислових робот ; в)використання роботів;

«What can robot do ?»

The word “robot” was first used by Czech playwright Karel Chapek , who in 1920 wrote a drama about machines that could move like human being - and do their work .Today this idea has become a reality. Industrial robots now being manufactured perform certain tasks even better then a human being .We are thus at the threshold of the era of robots – what might be called a “ robolution”.

An industrial robot is a unit which has movement function with a high degree of freedom similar to human arms and hands and is able to move autonomously on the basis of sense and perceptions.

There are six categories of robots : 1) the manual manipulator , remotely controlled by a person , which carries out hand-and-arm functions to hold and move objects; 2) the fixed – sequence robot ,which performs a series of operations in a present order , always in the same series of locations in space ;3) the variable – sequence robot , which operates in the same manner as a the fixed – sequence robot but can easily be reprogrammed for a different sequence of operations ;4)the playback robot , which repeats a sequence of movements and operations that are first “ taught” by manual movement of a manipulator and stored in the robot's memory unit; 5)the numerically – controlled robot ,which moves from one position to another according to numerical instructions in such forms as punched paper tapes or cards ; and 6) the intelligent robot , an advanced type that can decide its course of action on the basis of its sensing devices and analytical capability.

Today robots play a major role in welding , press-forming ,coating and other operations, particularly in the automotive industry.

Питання для самоконтролю:

1. What is the history of the word “robot”?

2. What is an industrial robot?

3 How many categories of robots are there ? What are they?

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Дидактичне забезпечення:текст, словники.

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