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1. The process of finding people for particular jobs is recruitment or, especially in American English, hiring. Someone who has been recruited is a recruit or, in American English, a hire. The company employs or hires them; they join the company. A company may recruit employees directly or use outside recruiters, recruitment agencies or employment agencies. Outside specialists called headhunters maybe called on to headhunt people for very important jobs, persuading them to leave the organizations they already work for. This process is called headhunting.

2. Applying for a job

Fred is a van driver, but he was fed up with long trips. He looked in the situations vacant pages of his local newspapers, where a local supermarket was advertising for van drivers for a new delivery service. He applied for the job by completing an application form and sending it in.

Harry is a building engineer. He saw a job in the appointments pages of one of the national papers. He made an application, sending in his CV (curriculum vitae – the “story” of his working life) and a covering letter explaining why he wanted the job and why he was the right person for it.

3. Selection procedures

Dagmar Schmidt is the head of recruitment at a German telecommunications company. She talks about the selection process, the methods that the company uses to recruit people: “We advertise in national newspapers. We look at the backgrounds of applicants: their experience of different jobs and their educational qualifications. We invite the most interesting candidates to a group discussion. Then we have individual interviews with each candidate. After this, we shortlist three or four candidates. We check their references by writing to their referees: previous employers or teachers that candidates have named in their applications. If the references are OK, we ask the candidates to come back for more interviews. Finally, we offer the job to someone, and if they turn it down we have to think again. If they accept it, we hire them. We only appoint someone if we find the right person.”

II. Определите, является ли утверждение:

А) истинным

B) ложным

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