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Заполните пропуски модальными глаголами сап, may или



1. May I come in?

2. You must not smoke here.

3. May I take your book? — I am afraid not: I need it.

4. He cannot speak English yet.

5. I have very little time: I have to go.

6. They must not go to the park today because they are busy.

7. You can read this text: it is easy enough.

8. What can we see on this map?

9. Can you speak Spanish? — No, unfortunately I can’t

10. At what time must you come to school?

11. She must be still live in Paris.

12. He is busy. He must be writing a book about his travels.

13. But he is happy. He can enjoy life.

14. My friend Danielle isn't a famous artist. But she can even paint Russian icons. I can only admire her beautiful pictures. She must be a woman of great talents. She can speak German, French and English. She can translate a lot of articles for the Museum of her native town in Switzerland. She can also teach these languages at school. She is fantastic. I am fascinated by everything that she does.

Переведите, на английский язык, употребляя модальные

Глаголы must, may или сап.

1. Можно мне взять вашу книгу? May I take your book?

2. На уроке английского языка вы должны говорить только по-английски. You must speak only English on English lessons.

3. Мыдолжнысегоднясдатьтетради? Must we hand over the notebooks today?

4. Можно мне задать Вам вопрос? — Пожалуйста. May I ask the question to you? – Yes, you may.

5. Я не могу пойти с вами в кино, так как я очень занят. I must not go to the cinema with you because I am very busy.

6. Можноздеськурить? — Пожалуйста. May I smoke here? – Yes, you may.

7. Он сейчас должен быть в своем кабинете. Вы можете поговорить с ним. He must be at his cabinet. You can talk with him.

8. Можновойти? — Пожалуйста. May I come in? – Yes, you may.

9. Вы должны прочитать этот текст. You must read this text.

10. Может ли он выполнить это задание? Can he do this task?

11. Я должен сегодня поговорить со своим другом. I must talk with my friend today.

12. Мы должны заплатить за электричество к концу месяца. We must pay for the electricity by the end of the month.

13. Эта женщина — прекрасный водитель. Она может водить даже автобус. This woman – excellent driver. She can drive even bus.

14. Можномнебутербродсмасломичашечкукофе? May I have a buttered sandwich and a cup of coffee?


Вставьте подходящие модальные глаголы (must, can, need).

1. I cannot believe. I failed another test. — But you must go to more classes and fewer parties. 2. Perhaps we need meet next week. 3. Could he speak English in childhood? 4. My neighbors can grow their own vegetables. 5. Can you turn the music down, please. 6. I cannot believe. I am already out of money. — You must learn not to spend so much. — But I cannot help it, there are just things that I must to buy. 7. If you want to improve your English, you need work very hard. 8. May I take this book? — Certainly, but you must not give it to anybody. 9. Mother, can I go to the country tomorrow? — No, you cannot. The doctor says you must stay at home for a day or two. 10. There is something wrong with your television set. You need call a repairman. — Oh, we need not do, it! My brother can fix it himself. 11. Must we bring these textbooks every day? — No, you must not: you can take them from the library. 12. Can you go to the country with us? — No, I am afraid I cannot: I must go to the library.



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