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SMART BOARD. How and what for?

What is SMART technology?

Smart Technologies Corporation is a Canadian publicly traded company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 1987, Smart Technologies is best known as the developer of the Smart Board interactive whiteboard. Smart products are sold through dealers across North America and through distributors in countries around the world.


The company supplies varieties of the Smart Board interactive whiteboard,[2] Smart Board interactive flat-panel display and SMART Room System for Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business. In 2014 the SMART kapp digital capture board was released, and in 2015, the company introduced SMART kapp iQ ultra HD display.

SMART TV. Capabilities. Advantages and disadvantages.

Smart TVs are being seen in more and more homes, and as time goes on, it is expected that more people will take to the technology. It is a great way to be connected and thanks to the size of a TV screen, everything is clear and easy to see.


When we say that there is nothing on TV often we mean nothing we can find that we want to see but this will not be the case with a smart TV.

You can watch YouTube videos or play games and as long as you don’t mind others knowing what you are up to, you can check your e mail and see what your friends are up to by logging on to your social media account. Netflix and Hulu are included so there is more of an option regarding what to watch.

You can get suggestions about you may want to watch as they monitor what you have watched and make recommendations, along with suggestions after seeing what friends have been viewing. Above all this sort of TV is convenient, and everything you need to do online can be done from the settee.


As with other devices that take you online there are fears surrounding security and there is a point some of the time. There have been issues, but work is being carried out to minimize this. In the future it may be the case that Firewalls will cover TVs as well. There are also fears about theft of date and loss of privacy and most worryingly the camera and sound equipment getting pictures and recordings of what is happening in the room. Facial recognition has also been muted as a risk to security.

There is also the risk that you will never be offline and this will not be good for many nor will the fact that your viewing history is being leaked to others.

It seems that smart TVs are here to stay and demand is increasing. This should lead to the price dropping and then more people buying them until they are the normal type of TV that is being purchased.


SMART BOARD. How and what for?

The Smart Board (stylized as "SMART Board") is a line of interactive whiteboards produced by the Calgary, Alberta-based company Smart Technologies.

This is the first part of the review where we will analyze the basic concepts and principles of interactive whiteboards. Interactive boards are increasingly used in our lives. They stand in offices, they are engaged in schools, they are a good tool for the transmission and perception of information. What is an interactive whiteboard, how it works, what they are, and whether they are needed in Russian schools? Here are some questions I would like to answer in this review.

In all these technologies can be divided into 2 conditional subgroups of boards with which you can control your hand or boards for which you need a special "marker" Each of them has its advantages basic for one is the speed and ease of control without additional priblud, while the other is easier to do the builds and all the operations associated with the accuracy of touch detection.




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