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Контрольная работа по говорению.

Контрольная работа по чтению.

Monday, the fourth of May.


1. Read the text and mark the statements (1 to 5) as T (True), F (False) or Ns (Not stated). – Прочитай текст и отметь, какие из утверждений (1-5) T (правильные), F (не правильные) или Ns (не указано). (Задания пишем только на английском языке!)


The effects of global warming are becoming more and more noticeable with the passing of the years. The number of floods, storms and heat waves has increased as a result of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases that do not allow the sun’s heat to escape the Earth’s atmosphere. However, a simple and quite possibly effective idea has been suggested as a way to help lessen the consequences of climate change.
Professor Steven Chu, the US Energy Secretary and a Nobel Prize winner, suggests that painting our rooftops white will help the Earth’s temperature to drop. The idea is that if enough surfaces — rooftops, pavements, roads — are painted white, more sunlight will reflect off these surfaces and go back into space. This will help cool our planet down.
According to scientists, if rooftops and roads were painted white it would reduce the amount of CO2 by billions of tons. This would be the same as taking every car in the world off the streets for 11 years. Not only this, but homes with white rooftops and cars that are painted white wouldn’t absorb so much heat from the sun. This means that they would be cooler and people wouldn’t have to turn on their air conditioners as much. Consequently, we would save more energy and reduce the amount of CO2 released in the atmosphere.
Although the idea of white rooftops has been generally welcomed by the scientific and environmental communities, there appear to be a few problems. One of these is the fact that the colour white would be too bright if it was painted on too many large surfaces. Another concern is that keeping the white surfaces in good condition for a long period of time would be too expensive.
Pessimists feel that though painting rooftops and pavements in light colors is good in theory, it is just a very small step to take towards reducing the Earth’s temperature. What we must remember though, is that there is not one solution to global warming. It’s the combination of different methods that will help our Рlanet get back on its feet

. 1 There has been an increase in the amount of greenhouse gases in recent years.
2 Professor Chu suggests painting every large surface on the Earth white.
3 Buildings with white rooftops don’t need air conditioning.
4 Professor Chu’s suggestion has been accepted by many experts.
5 Some people feel that painting surfaces white will not be enough to solve the problem of global warming.

Answer the question: what is this text about? –  Ответь на вопрос: о чем идет речь в этом тексте? (одним предложением).


Контрольная работа по письму.

Wednesday, the sixth of May.


1.Choose the correct item. Выбери правильный пункт. (Задания пишем только на английском языке!)

(Первое задание на контроль знаний изученного грамматического материала в 1-3 четвертях. Перед его выполнением необходимо повторить по Грамматическому справочнику учебника следующие темы: 1) времена глагола; 2) степени сравнения прилагательных; 3) преобразование прямой речи в косвенную.
1. Don’t be late. The film……at 8:00 pm.
A) is starting В) will start C) starts
2. This picture …… at the beginning of the century.
A) was painted В) had painted C) painted
3. We…….half the rubbish on the beach by the time Jeff arrived.
A) have cleaned up В) had cleaned up C) had been cleaning up
4. Anne asked her new classmate where …….. from.
A) did he come В) he came C) does he come
5. We…….for three hours before we decided to take a break.
A) has been trekking В) had been trekking C) have been trekking
6. Mark said that he ……… a great time in London the previous summer.

A) had had В) would have C) has had
7. Mum advised me………the heavy box up the stairs.
A) not to carry В) to not carry C) don’t carry

8. Ben tells the……jokes I’ve ever heard.
A) funnier В) funniest C) most funny
9. Neither Annabel.. ……Sue has ever flown in a plane. 

A) or В) and C) nor
10. Mr Adams speaks……..than anyone I know.
A) slower В) more slowly C) the most slowly


2.Fill in the missing word/phrase. Вставь пропущенные слова или словосочетания.

(Второе задание на контроль лексики по теме «Спорт», модуль 8).

• worked out  • individual sports  • scored    • opposing  • bat  • tournament                 • enthusiasm    • helmet

1 When Jack …….. ……… a goal one minute after kick-off, everyone in the stadium stood up and started cheering.
2 Bill hit the baseball with such force that his …….. ………flew up in the air and landed
several metres away.
3 My brother likes sandboarding and windsurfing, as……. …………give him the opportunity
to rely on his own skills and abilities.
4 If Jane does very well in this year’s regional tennis……. ………….. she will be able to join the national leagues next year.
5 Dan would have had serious head injuries during the ice-hockey event, if he hadn’t been wearing a protective ……… ………..
6 We defeated the ………team four-nil, as two of their players were sent off the field for not following the rules.
7 Bob……… ………at the gym everyday last week, because he is in training for the next cross-country cycling tour.
8 Thousands of fans showed great…… ………. when the Montreal Canadians ice-hockey team got the Stanley Cup.


3. Use the sentences (a-e) to complete the dialogue. Дополни диалог репликами ( a- e).

(В третьем задании проверяется умение использовать в диалогической речи фраз по теме «Спорт», модуль 8).
Rob: Hi Karen, are you doing anything special later?
Karen: Not really, why?
Rob: I’m going to play water polo. 1) ………….
Karen: 2)…………….. Rob: Do you like water sports?
Karen: Absolutely! I love all kinds of water sports. Rob: Me too! Have you ever played water polo? Karen: Yes, I’ve played with my brother.
Rob: Really? 3) …………………….. Karen: 4) ……………………
Rob: Good! Then you can join our team on Saturday. We’re playing against a team from out of town.
Karen: This Saturday? 5) …………………. I’ve promised my mum I’ll help her around the house.
Rob: That’s all right. Maybe you can make it another time.

a) Sure. Why not?
b) I’m afraid I can’t.
c) Are you any good at it?
d) How about joining me?

e) I’m not bad.


Контрольная работа по говорению.

(Оценки за контроль говорения будут выставляться с учетом правильности выполнения задания 3 контрольной работы по письму и задания 2 контрольной работы по чтению).

НАПОМИНАЮ, что выполнение годовых контрольных работ обязательно для всех, так как является необходимым условием при выставлении четвертных и годовых оценок!!!

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