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For a scientific overview of DNA profiling: “Forensics, DNA Fingerprinting, and CODIS” by Karen Norrgard, 2008, Nature Education.

The Innocence Project:

“Darryl Hunt’s fight for freedom”  by Farai Chideya, April 2007, NPR.

“DNA Sample from Son Led to Arrest of Accused ‘Grim Sleeper’”  by Kim Zetter, July 2010, Wired.

“The Surprisingly Imperfect Science of DNA Testing” by Katie Worth, June 2015, The Marshall Project.

“Traces of Crime: How New York’s DNA Techniques Became Tainted” by Lauren Kirchner, September 2017, New York Times.

“The DNA of a Killer”, 48 Hours on CBS, April 2017.

“Argentina tries to uncover 'dirty war' orphans” by Andres D’Alessandro and Chris Kraul, June 2010, Los Angeles Times.

“Disappeared Argentina activists’ son finds family after 40 years” June 2019, BBC.

“DNA Site That Helps Cold-Case Sleuths Curbs Access for Cops”  by Kristen V. Brown, June 2019, Bloomberg.

“How Genotype Imputation Is Helping Solve Difficult Genetic Genealogy Cases” by Kevin Lord, June 2019, Forensic Magazine.

Podcast that discusses the science and ethics behind the Golden State Killer arrest and the use of genetic genealogy databases: “The Daily: A New Way to Solve a Murder. Part one and Part two”. June 6 and 7th, 2019. New York Times.

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