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Performance accommodation


During this agreement period, when Party B work as resident performance, Party A will provide one standard apartment(2 persons share one room)with complete facilities, including toilet, washing machine and other electronic appliances for duration of stay. Party A pay for apartments rent fee and property management fees, and all for public fees: Electricity, water and gas. The company offer 200CNY/month/person for free as standard usage, over used fees Party B need to share with roommates. Party B must legitimate use this apartment, Party B is responsible for any personal and property safety within the apartment, No disturb to the neighbors. In case any loss caused, Party A has the right to recover from Party B.

§Ј §д§Ц§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §п§д§а§Ф§а §б§Ц§в§Ъ§а§Х§С §г§а§Ф§Э§С§к§Ц§Я§Ъ§с, §Ь§а§Ф§Х§С §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §в§С§Т§а§д§С§Ц§д §У §Ь§С§й§Ц§г§д§У§Ц §в§Ц§Щ§Ъ§Х§Ц§Я§д§а§У, §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С A §б§в§Ц§Х§а§г§д§С§У§Ъ§д §а§Х§Я§е §г§д§С§Я§Х§С§в§д§Я§е§р §Ь§У§С§в§д§Ъ§в§е (2 §й§Ц§Э§а§У§Ц§Ь§С §У §а§Х§Я§а§Ы §Ь§а§Ю§Я§С§д§Ц) §г §б§а§Э§Я§н§Ю §Я§С§Т§а§в§а§Ю §е§Х§а§Т§г§д§У, §У§Ь§Э§р§й§С§с §д§е§С§Э§Ц§д, §г§д§Ъ§в§С§Э§о§Я§е§р §Ю§С§к§Ъ§Я§е §Ъ §Х§в§е§Ф§Ъ§Ц §п§Э§Ц§Ь§д§в§а§Я§Я§н§Ц §б§в§Ъ§Т§а§в§н §Я§С §У§Ц§г§о §б§Ц§в§Ъ§а§Х §б§в§Ц§Т§н§У§С§Я§Ъ§с. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §Ў §б§Э§С§д§Ъ§д §Щ§С §С§в§Ц§Я§Х§Я§е§р §б§Э§С§д§е §Щ§С §Ь§У§С§в§д§Ъ§в§е §Ъ §б§Э§С§д§е §Щ§С §е§б§в§С§У§Э§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §Ъ§Ю§е§л§Ц§г§д§У§а§Ю, §С §У§г§Ц - §Щ§С §Ь§а§Ю§Ю§е§Я§С§Э§о§Я§н§Ц §е§г§Э§е§Ф§Ъ: §п§Э§Ц§Ь§д§в§Ъ§й§Ц§г§д§У§а, §У§а§Х§е §Ъ §Ф§С§Щ. §§а§Ю§б§С§Я§Ъ§с §б§в§Ц§Х§Э§С§Ф§С§Ц§д 200CNY / §Ю§Ц§г§с§и / §й§Ц§Э§а§У§Ц§Ь§С §Т§Ц§г§б§Э§С§д§Я§а §У §Ь§С§й§Ц§г§д§У§Ц §г§д§С§Я§Х§С§в§д§Я§а§Ф§а §Ъ§г§б§а§Э§о§Щ§а§У§С§Я§Ъ§с, §Щ§С §Ъ§г§б§а§Э§о§Щ§а§У§С§Я§Я§н§Ц §г§Т§а§в§н §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §Х§Ц§Э§Ъ§д§о§г§с §г §г§а§г§Ц§Х§с§Ю§Ъ §б§а §Ь§а§Ю§Я§С§д§Ц. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §Щ§С§Ь§а§Я§Я§а §Ъ§г§б§а§Э§о§Щ§а§У§С§д§о §п§д§е §Ь§У§С§в§д§Ъ§в§е, §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Я§Ц§г§Ц§д §а§д§У§Ц§д§г§д§У§Ц§Я§Я§а§г§д§о §Щ§С §Э§Ъ§й§Я§е§р §Ъ §Ъ§Ю§е§л§Ц§г§д§У§Ц§Я§Я§е§р §Т§Ц§Щ§а§б§С§г§Я§а§г§д§о §У §б§в§Ц§Х§Ц§Э§С§з §Ь§У§С§в§д§Ъ§в§н, §Ї§Ъ§Ь§С§Ь§а§Ф§а §Т§Ц§г§б§а§Ь§а§Ы§г§д§У§С §г§а§г§Ц§Х§Ц§Ы. §Ј §г§Э§е§й§С§Ц §б§в§Ъ§й§Ъ§Я§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §Ь§С§Ь§а§Ф§а-§Э§Ъ§Т§а §е§л§Ц§в§Т§С §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §Ў §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §б§в§С§У§а §Я§С §У§а§Щ§Ю§Ц§л§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §б§а §і§д§а§в§а§Я§Ц §Ј.



During this agreement period, If Party B go on tour which not belong to the company. Party A need to provide Party B with standard hotel rooms(one room with 2 beds). Party B need to bear other service fees. During live in hotel period, Party B need to pay for projects but not limited to : mini bars, Pay TV, room service, telephone, Internet, fax, massages, gym, beauty salon, KTV, cigarettes, laundry, tips etc.




To ensure the performance is held on time. Party A should offer Party B all document for make work visa. Party B shall get China Z visa in the nearest Chinese embassy.

§°§Т§Ц§г§б§Ц§й§Ъ§д§о §г§У§а§Ц§У§в§Ц§Ю§Ц§Я§Я§е§р §в§С§Т§а§д§е. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С A §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §б§в§Ц§Х§Э§а§Ш§Ъ§д§о §і§д§а§в§а§Я§Ц B §У§г§Ц §Х§а§Ь§е§Ю§Ц§Я§д§н §Х§Э§с §а§ж§а§в§Ю§Э§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §в§С§Т§а§й§Ц§Ы §У§Ъ§Щ§н. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §б§а§Э§е§й§Ъ§д §У§Ъ§Щ§е §§Ъ§д§С§с Z §У §Т§Э§Ъ§Ш§С§Ы§к§Ц§Ю §Ь§Ъ§д§С§Ы§г§Ь§а§Ю §б§а§г§а§Э§о§г§д§У§Ц.



Party B must ensure their passports are within the validity period and can be used to enter and leave China.

§і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §Ф§С§в§С§Я§д§Ъ§в§а§У§С§д§о, §й§д§а §Ъ§з §б§С§г§б§а§в§д§С §Я§С§з§а§Х§с§д§г§с §У §б§в§Ц§Х§Ц§Э§С§з §г§в§а§Ь§С §Х§Ц§Ы§г§д§У§Ъ§с §Ъ §Ю§а§Ф§е§д §Т§н§д§о §Ъ§г§б§а§Э§о§Щ§а§У§С§Я§н §Х§Э§с §У§м§Ц§Щ§Х§С §Ъ §У§н§Ц§Щ§Х§С §Ъ§Щ §§Ъ§д§С§с.



During the tour performance period, in cause Party B lost the passport or other traveling certificates, Party B need to handle it by oneself and bear all costs and consequences.

§Ј §д§Ц§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §б§Ц§в§Ъ§а§Х§С §Ъ§г§б§а§Э§Я§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §д§е§в§С, §У §г§У§с§Щ§Ъ §г §д§Ц§Ю, §й§д§а §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §б§а§д§Ц§в§с§Э§С §б§С§г§б§а§в§д §Ъ§Э§Ъ §Х§в§е§Ф§Ъ§Ц §Х§а§в§а§Ш§Я§н§Ц §г§Ц§в§д§Ъ§ж§Ъ§Ь§С§д§н, §і§д§а§в§а§Я§Ц B §Я§Ц§а§Т§з§а§Х§Ъ§Ю§а §г§С§Ю§а§г§д§а§с§д§Ц§Э§о§Я§а §г§б§в§С§У§Э§с§д§о§г§с §г §п§д§Ъ§Ю §Ъ §Я§Ц§г§д§Ъ §У§г§Ц §в§С§г§з§а§Х§н §Ъ §б§а§г§Э§Ц§Х§г§д§У§Ъ§с.



Communication Method


During the contract period, Party B need to keep mobile/network communication work, to ensure Party A is able to contact with Party B in time.

§Ј §д§Ц§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д§Я§а§Ф§а §б§Ц§в§Ъ§а§Х§С §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §б§а§Х§Х§Ц§в§Ш§Ъ§У§С§д§о §в§С§Т§а§д§е §Ю§а§Т§Ъ§Э§о§Я§а§Ы / §г§Ц§д§Ц§У§а§Ы §г§У§с§Щ§Ъ, §й§д§а§Т§н §Ф§С§в§С§Я§д§Ъ§в§а§У§С§д§о, §й§д§а §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С A §г§Ю§а§Ш§Ц§д §г§У§а§Ц§У§в§Ц§Ю§Ц§Я§Я§а §г§У§с§Щ§С§д§о§г§с §г§а §і§д§а§в§а§Я§а§Ы B.



During the contract period, both sides acknowledged that work instruction is usually made via E-mail, mobile messages, wechat messages and phone call. As long as Party A issue an order through the communicate methods listed above, Party B will be regarded as received and will comply with the instructions, these instructions are the annex to this contract and has the same legal effects as this contract.

§Ј §д§Ц§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д§Я§а§Ф§а §б§Ц§в§Ъ§а§Х§С §а§Т§Ц §г§д§а§в§а§Я§н §б§в§Ъ§Щ§Я§С§Э§Ъ, §й§д§а §Ъ§Я§г§д§в§е§Ь§д§С§Ш §а§Т§н§й§Я§а §Х§Ц§Э§С§Ц§д§г§с §б§а §п§Э§Ц§Ь§д§в§а§Я§Я§а§Ы §б§а§й§д§Ц, §Ю§а§Т§Ъ§Э§о§Я§н§Ю §г§а§а§Т§л§Ц§Я§Ъ§с§Ю, §г§а§а§Т§л§Ц§Я§Ъ§с§Ю §Ъ §д§Ц§Э§Ц§ж§а§Я§Я§н§Ю §Щ§У§а§Я§Ь§С§Ю. §Ґ§а §д§Ц§з §б§а§в, §б§а§Ь§С §г§д§а§в§а§Я§С §Ў §У§н§Х§С§Ц§д §Щ§С§Ь§С§Щ §б§а§г§в§Ц§Х§г§д§У§а§Ю §а§б§Ъ§г§С§Я§Я§н§з §У§н§к§Ц §г§б§а§г§а§Т§а§У §г§У§с§Щ§Ъ, §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §ў §Т§е§Х§Ц§д §г§й§Ъ§д§С§д§о§г§с §б§а§Э§е§й§Ц§Я§Я§а§Ы §Ъ §Т§е§Х§Ц§д §г§а§Т§Э§р§Х§С§д§о §Ъ§Я§г§д§в§е§Ь§и§Ъ§Ъ, §п§д§Ъ §Ъ§Я§г§д§в§е§Ь§и§Ъ§Ъ §с§У§Э§с§р§д§г§с §б§в§Ъ§Э§а§Ш§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц§Ю §Ь §Я§С§г§д§а§с§л§Ц§Ю§е §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д§е §Ъ §Ъ§Ю§Ц§р§д §д§Ц §Ш§Ц §р§в§Ъ§Х§Ъ§й§Ц§г§Ь§Ъ§Ц §б§а§г§Э§Ц§Х§г§д§У§Ъ§с, §й§д§а §Ъ §Я§С§г§д§а§с§л§Ъ§Ы §Х§а§Ф§а§У§а§в.




Article 4: Responsibility of Party A


Party A is responsible to arrange the performances for Party B. Party A has the right to make the overall performance plan, make related arrangement and implementation for Party B. Party A has the tight to make the final decision.

§і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §Ў §Я§Ц§г§Ц§д §а§д§У§Ц§д§г§д§У§Ц§Я§Я§а§г§д§о §Щ§С §а§в§Ф§С§Я§Ъ§Щ§С§и§Ъ§р §У§н§г§д§е§б§Э§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ы §Х§Э§с §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н §Ј. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §Ў §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §б§в§С§У§а §г§а§г§д§С§У§Э§с§д§о §а§Т§л§Ъ§Ы §б§Э§С§Я §в§С§Т§а§д§н, §У§н§Я§а§г§Ъ§д§о §г§У§с§Щ§С§Я§Я§н§Ц §г §п§д§Ъ§Ю §Х§а§Ф§а§У§а§в§Ц§Я§Я§а§г§д§Ъ §Ъ §а§г§е§л§Ц§г§д§У§Э§с§д§о §Х§Э§с §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н §Ј. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §Ў §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §д§Ц§г§Я§е§р §г§Ъ§Э§е §Х§Э§с §б§в§Ъ§Я§с§д§Ъ§с §а§Ь§а§Я§й§С§д§Ц§Э§о§Я§а§Ф§а §в§Ц§к§Ц§Я§Ъ§с.



During the contract period, Party B shall only work with Party A. Party A has the right to arrange all the performances for Party B, Party B must not perform with any other third party without the written consent of Party A(including arrangement from the club).

§Ј §д§Ц§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д§Я§а§Ф§а §б§Ц§в§Ъ§а§Х§С §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Т§е§Х§Ц§д §в§С§Т§а§д§С§д§о §д§а§Э§о§Ь§а §г§а §і§д§а§в§а§Я§а§Ы A. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С A §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §б§в§С§У§а §в§С§г§б§в§Ц§Х§Ц§Э§с§д§о §У§г§Ц §Х§Ц§Ы§г§д§У§Ъ§с §Х§Э§с §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н B, §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Я§Ц §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §в§С§Т§а§д§С§д§о §г §Ь§С§Ь§а§Ы-§Э§Ъ§Т§а §д§в§Ц§д§о§Ц§Ы §г§д§а§в§а§Я§а§Ы §Т§Ц§Щ §б§Ъ§г§о§Ю§Ц§Я§Я§а§Ф§а §г§а§Ф§Э§С§г§Ъ§с §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н A (§У§Ь§Э§р§й§С§с §Х§а§Ф§а§У§а§в§Ц§Я§Я§а§г§д§о §г §Ь§Э§е§Т).



Party A has the right to control the performance quality of Party B, give suggestions and requirements if needed. For the artists whose performance quality can not meet the requirement, Party A has the right to stop the work and start a training process for the artist. In case Party B still unable to perform as required after training. Party A has the right to terminate this agreement.

§і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §Ў §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §б§в§С§У§а §Ь§а§Я§д§в§а§Э§Ъ§в§а§У§С§д§о §Ь§С§й§Ц§г§д§У§а §в§С§Т§а§д§н §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н §Ј, §У §г§Э§е§й§С§Ц §Я§Ц§а§Т§з§а§Х§Ъ§Ю§а§г§д§Ъ §Х§С§У§С§д§о §б§в§Ц§Х§Э§а§Ш§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §Ъ §д§в§Ц§Т§а§У§С§Я§Ъ§с. §Ґ§Э§с §з§е§Х§а§Ш§Я§Ъ§Ь§а§У, §й§о§Ц §Ь§С§й§Ц§г§д§У§а §Ъ§г§б§а§Э§Я§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §Я§Ц §Ю§а§Ш§Ц§д §е§Х§а§У§Э§Ц§д§У§а§в§Ъ§д§о §д§в§Ц§Т§а§У§С§Я§Ъ§с§Ю, §б§С§в§д§Ъ§с §Ў §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §б§в§С§У§а §б§в§Ц§Ь§в§С§д§Ъ§д§о §в§С§Т§а§д§е §Ъ §Я§С§й§С§д§о §е§й§Ц§Т§Я§н§Ы §б§в§а§и§Ц§г§г §Х§Э§с §з§е§Х§а§Ш§Я§Ъ§Ь§С. §Ј §г§Э§е§й§С§Ц, §Ц§г§Э§Ъ §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §б§а-§б§в§Ц§Ш§Я§Ц§Ю§е §Я§Ц §Ю§а§Ш§Ц§д §У§н§б§а§Э§Я§с§д§о §г§У§а§Ъ §а§Т§с§Щ§С§Я§Я§а§г§д§Ъ §б§а§г§Э§Ц §д§в§Ц§Я§Ъ§в§а§У§Ь§Ъ. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §Ў §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §б§в§С§У§а §в§С§г§д§а§в§Ф§Я§е§д§о §Х§С§Я§Я§а§Ц §г§а§Ф§Э§С§к§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц.



Party A ensures to provide safe and healthy working environment, which accord with state regulations to ensure the personal and property safety of Party B to work without harmful environmental conditions. In case Party B has physical injury due to the security management issue of the venue. Party A is responsible to cover the costs.

§і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §Ў §а§Т§Ц§г§б§Ц§й§Ъ§У§С§Ц§д §г§а§Щ§Х§С§Я§Ъ§Ц §Т§Ц§Щ§а§б§С§г§Я§н§з §Ъ §Щ§Х§а§в§а§У§н§з §е§г§Э§а§У§Ъ§Ы §д§в§е§Х§С, §Ь§а§д§а§в§н§Ц §г§а§а§д§У§Ц§д§г§д§У§е§р§д §Ф§а§г§е§Х§С§в§г§д§У§Ц§Я§Я§н§Ю §Я§а§в§Ю§С§Ю §Х§Э§с §а§Т§Ц§г§б§Ц§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §Э§Ъ§й§Я§а§Ы §Ъ §Ъ§Ю§е§л§Ц§г§д§У§Ц§Я§Я§а§Ы §Т§Ц§Щ§а§б§С§г§Я§а§г§д§Ъ §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н §ў §Х§Э§с §в§С§Т§а§д§н §Т§Ц§Щ §У§в§Ц§Х§Я§н§з §п§Ь§а§Э§а§Ф§Ъ§й§Ц§г§Ь§Ъ§з §е§г§Э§а§У§Ъ§Ы. §Ј §г§Э§е§й§С§Ц, §Ц§г§Э§Ъ §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §д§Ц§Э§Ц§г§Я§н§Ц §б§а§У§в§Ц§Ш§Х§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §Ъ§Щ-§Щ§С §б§в§а§Т§Э§Ц§Ю§н §е§б§в§С§У§Э§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §Т§Ц§Щ§а§б§С§г§Я§а§г§д§о§р §Ю§Ц§г§д§С §б§в§а§У§Ц§Х§Ц§Я§Ъ§с. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С A §Я§Ц§г§Ц§д §а§д§У§Ц§д§г§д§У§Ц§Я§Я§а§г§д§о §Щ§С §б§а§Ь§в§н§д§Ъ§Ц §в§С§г§з§а§Х§а§У.



Because of Party BЎЇs own physical limitation that can not meet the basic job requirements of Party AЎЇs venue , and after adjustment still can not satisfy the performance quality stays in same status and unable to satisfy customers requirements, Party A has the right to terminate this agreement.

§Є§Щ-§Щ§С §ж§Ъ§Щ§Ъ§й§Ц§г§Ь§а§Ф§а §а§Ф§в§С§Я§Ъ§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н §Ј, §Ь§а§д§а§в§а§Ц §Я§Ц §Ю§а§Ш§Ц§д §г§а§а§д§У§Ц§д§г§д§У§а§У§С§д§о §а§г§Я§а§У§Я§н§Ю §д§в§Ц§Т§а§У§С§Я§Ъ§с§Ю §Ь §в§С§Т§а§д§Ц §Я§С §б§Э§а§л§С§Х§Ь§Ц §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н §Ў, §Ъ §б§а§г§Э§Ц §д§а§Ф§а, §Ь§С§Ь §Ь§а§в§в§Ц§Ь§д§Ъ§в§а§У§Ь§С §б§а-§б§в§Ц§Ш§Я§Ц§Ю§е §Я§Ц §Ю§а§Ш§Ц§д §е§Х§а§У§Э§Ц§д§У§а§в§с§д§о §Ь§С§й§Ц§г§д§У§е §Ъ§г§б§а§Э§Я§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §а§г§д§С§Ц§д§г§с §У §д§а§Ю §Ш§Ц §г§д§С§д§е§г§Ц §Ъ §Я§Ц§г§б§а§г§а§Т§Я§С §е§Х§а§У§Э§Ц§д§У§а§в§Ъ§д§о §д§в§Ц§Т§а§У§С§Я§Ъ§с §Ь§Э§Ъ§Ц§Я§д§а§У, §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §Ў §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §б§в§С§У§а §в§С§г§д§а§в§Ф§Я§е§д§о §п§д§а §г§а§Ф§Э§С§к§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц .



Article 5:Responsibility of Party B


All performance content, performance time, performance schedules and unpredictable temporary adjustment of the show will be at all times arranged by Party A. Party B must comply and cooperate with the performance schedules, rehearsal and all performance related plans made by Party A.

§Ј§г§с §Ъ§Я§ж§а§в§Ю§С§и§Ъ§с §а §б§в§а§Ъ§Щ§У§а§Х§Ъ§д§Ц§Э§о§Я§а§г§д§Ъ, §У§в§Ц§Ю§Ц§Я§Ъ §в§С§Т§а§д§н, §Ф§в§С§ж§Ъ§Ь§С§з §Ъ§г§б§а§Э§Я§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §Ъ §Я§Ц§б§в§Ц§Х§г§Ь§С§Щ§е§Ц§Ю§а§Ы §У§в§Ц§Ю§Ц§Я§Я§а§Ы §Ь§а§в§в§Ц§Ь§д§Ъ§в§а§У§Ь§Ц §к§а§е §Т§е§Х§Ц§д §У§г§Ц§Ф§Х§С §а§в§Ф§С§Я§Ъ§Щ§а§У§н§У§С§д§о§г§с §і§д§а§в§а§Я§а§Ы A. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §г§а§Т§Э§р§Х§С§д§о §Ъ §г§а§д§в§е§Х§Я§Ъ§й§С§д§о §г §Ф§в§С§ж§Ъ§Ь§С§Ю§Ъ §в§С§Т§а§д§н, §в§Ц§б§Ц§д§Ъ§и§Ъ§с§Ю§Ъ §Ъ §У§г§Ц§Ю§Ъ §б§Э§С§Я§С§Ю§Ъ, §г§У§с§Щ§С§Я§Я§н§Ю§Ъ §г §Ъ§г§б§а§Э§Я§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц§Ю, §г§Х§Ц§Э§С§Я§Я§н§Ю§Ъ §і§д§а§в§а§Я§а§Ы A.



Party B should not smoke or drink on the stage, meanwhile when Party B accepts this job, professional competence is only half of what the Artiste needs to bring. The other half is a good attitude and a willingness to complete his/her agreement to the best of his/her ability. Management agrees to honor all of the terms of this contract and do their best to see that the Artiste is treated in a professional and respectful manner at all times to the best of their ability.

§і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Я§Ц §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §Ь§е§в§Ъ§д§о §Ъ§Э§Ъ §б§Ъ§д§о §Я§С §г§и§Ц§Я§Ц, §д§Ц§Ю §У§в§Ц§Ю§Ц§Я§Ц§Ю, §Ь§а§Ф§Х§С §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §б§в§Ъ§Я§Ъ§Ю§С§Ц§д §п§д§е §в§С§Т§а§д§е, §б§в§а§ж§Ц§г§г§Ъ§а§Я§С§Э§о§Я§С§с §Ь§а§Ю§б§Ц§д§Ц§Я§д§Я§а§г§д§о §г§а§г§д§С§У§Э§с§Ц§д §Э§Ъ§к§о §б§а§Э§а§У§Ъ§Я§е §д§а§Ф§а, §й§д§а §з§е§Х§а§Ш§Я§Ъ§Ь §Х§а§Э§Ш§Ц§Я §б§в§Ъ§Я§Ц§г§д§Ъ. §Ґ§в§е§Ф§С§с §б§а§Э§а§У§Ъ§Я§С - §п§д§а §з§а§в§а§к§Ц§Ц §а§д§Я§а§к§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §Ъ §Ф§а§д§а§У§Я§а§г§д§о §Щ§С§У§Ц§в§к§Ъ§д§о §г§У§а§Ц §г§а§Ф§Э§С§к§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §У §Ю§Ц§в§е §г§У§а§Ъ§з §У§а§Щ§Ю§а§Ш§Я§а§г§д§Ц§Ы. §І§е§Ь§а§У§а§Х§г§д§У§а §г§а§Ф§Э§С§к§С§Ц§д§г§с §г§а§Т§Э§р§Х§С§д§о §У§г§Ц §е§г§Э§а§У§Ъ§с §п§д§а§Ф§а §Х§а§Ф§а§У§а§в§С §Ъ §б§в§Ъ§Э§С§Ф§С§Ц§д §У§г§Ц §е§г§Ъ§Э§Ъ§с, §й§д§а§Т§н §е§Т§Ц§Х§Ъ§д§о§г§с, §й§д§а Artiste §а§д§Я§а§г§Ъ§д§г§с §Ь §б§в§а§ж§Ц§г§г§Ъ§а§Я§С§Э§о§Я§н§Ю §Ъ §е§У§С§Ш§Ъ§д§Ц§Э§о§Я§н§Ю §а§Т§в§С§Щ§а§Ю §У §Э§р§Т§а§Ц §У§в§Ц§Ю§с, §Я§С§г§Ь§а§Э§о§Ь§а §п§д§а §У§а§Щ§Ю§а§Ш§Я§а.



This contract is governed by the laws of the PeopleЎЇs Republic of China. Party B must not take drugs, involve in the violent and Pilferage behavior or do the prostitute activities. In this case, the contract between the artist and the company will be terminated, 5000USD has to be paid as compensation. In the mean time, if caused Party A any other loss Party B should bear all the compensation.

§ї§д§а§д §Х§а§Ф§а§У§а§в §в§Ц§Ф§е§Э§Ъ§в§е§Ц§д§г§с §Щ§С§Ь§а§Я§С§Ю§Ъ §§Ъ§д§С§Ы§г§Ь§а§Ы §Ї§С§в§а§Х§Я§а§Ы §І§Ц§г§б§е§Т§Э§Ъ§Ь§Ъ. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Я§Ц §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §б§в§Ъ§Я§Ъ§Ю§С§д§о §Я§С§в§Ь§а§д§Ъ§Ь§Ъ, §е§й§С§г§д§У§а§У§С§д§о §У §Я§С§г§Ъ§Э§о§г§д§У§Ц§Я§Я§а§Ю §Ъ §б§Ъ§Э§ж§Ц§в§г§Ь§а§Ю §б§а§У§Ц§Х§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ъ §Ъ§Э§Ъ §Щ§С§Я§Ъ§Ю§С§д§о§г§с §б§в§а§г§д§Ъ§д§е§и§Ъ§Ц§Ы. §Ј §п§д§а§Ю §г§Э§е§й§С§Ц §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д §Ю§Ц§Ш§Х§е §з§е§Х§а§Ш§Я§Ъ§Ь§а§Ю §Ъ §Ь§а§Ю§б§С§Я§Ъ§Ц§Ы §Т§е§Х§Ц§д §в§С§г§д§а§в§Ф§Я§е§д, 5000 §Х§а§Э§Э§С§в§а§У §і§є§Ў §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§н §Т§н§д§о §У§н§б§Э§С§й§Ц§Я§н §У §Ь§С§й§Ц§г§д§У§Ц §Ь§а§Ю§б§Ц§Я§г§С§и§Ъ§Ъ. §®§Ц§Ш§Х§е §д§Ц§Ю, §Ц§г§Э§Ъ §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С A §У§н§Щ§У§С§Я§С, §Э§р§Т§С§с §Х§в§е§Ф§С§с §г§д§а§в§а§Я§С §б§а§д§Ц§в§о B §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §Т§е§Х§Ц§д §У§н§б§Э§С§д§Ъ§д§о §У§г§р §Ь§а§Ю§б§Ц§Я§г§С§и§Ъ§р.



Party B shall be responsible for take care of all objects. Such as : costumes, props and etc. If the items are lost or broken by the operational error of Party B. Party B will bear full responsibility. At the same time Party B should take care of all the personal belongings during traveling period.

§і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Я§Ц§г§Ц§д §а§д§У§Ц§д§г§д§У§Ц§Я§Я§а§г§д§о §Щ§С §Щ§С§Т§а§д§е §а§Т§а §У§г§Ц§з §а§Т§м§Ц§Ь§д§С§з. §ґ§С§Ь§Ъ§Ц §Ь§С§Ь: §Ь§а§г§д§р§Ю§н, §в§Ц§Ь§У§Ъ§Щ§Ъ§д §Ъ §д. §Ґ. §¦§г§Э§Ъ §б§в§Ц§Х§Ю§Ц§д§н §б§а§д§Ц§в§с§Я§н §Ъ§Э§Ъ §г§Э§а§Ю§С§Я§н §Ъ§Щ-§Щ§С §п§Ь§г§б§Э§е§С§д§С§и§Ъ§а§Я§Я§а§Ы §а§к§Ъ§Т§Ь§Ъ §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н B. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Т§е§Х§Ц§д §Я§Ц§г§д§Ъ §б§а§Э§Я§е§р §а§д§У§Ц§д§г§д§У§Ц§Я§Я§а§г§д§о. §Ј §д§а §Ш§Ц §У§в§Ц§Ю§с §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §Щ§С§Т§а§д§Ъ§д§о§г§с §а§Т§а §У§г§Ц§з §Э§Ъ§й§Я§н§з §У§Ц§л§С§з §У §д§Ц§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §б§Ц§в§Ъ§а§Х§С §б§е§д§Ц§к§Ц§г§д§У§Ъ§с.



During the contract period Party B shouldnЎЇt have relationship with any others, relationship between all employees only as workmate. Any one violate this ,once the company found out, the company will cancel oneЎЇs visa and fired.

§Ј §д§Ц§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д§Я§а§Ф§а §б§Ц§в§Ъ§а§Х§С §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §ў §Я§Ц §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §Ъ§Ю§Ц§д§о §У§Щ§С§Ъ§Ю§а§а§д§Я§а§к§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ы §г §Х§в§е§Ф§Ъ§Ю§Ъ, §а§д§Я§а§к§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §Ю§Ц§Ш§Х§е §У§г§Ц§Ю§Ъ §г§а§д§в§е§Х§Я§Ъ§Ь§С§Ю§Ъ §д§а§Э§о§Ь§а §У §Ь§С§й§Ц§г§д§У§Ц §г§а§Ш§Ъ§д§Ц§Э§с. §­§р§Т§а§Ы §Я§С§в§е§к§С§Ц§д §п§д§а, §Ь§С§Ь §д§а§Э§о§Ь§а §Ь§а§Ю§б§С§Я§Ъ§с §е§Щ§Я§С§Ц§д, §Ь§а§Ю§б§С§Я§Ъ§с §а§д§Ю§Ц§Я§Ъ§д §г§У§а§р §У§Ъ§Щ§е §Ъ §е§У§а§Э§Ъ§д§г§с.




Liability for Breach of Contract


During the contract period, in cause of Party AЎЇs reason cancel or delay performance, Party B is not responsible for this situation and if have advance payment, Party B no need to return the payment to Party A. But in cause of Party BЎЇs reason(late, missed, absence)to effect the performance, Party B will be cut 6 times of daily performance fee. In case Party B pause/delay/terminates the performance of the obligations for over 10 days. Party A has the right to terminate this agreement and require Party B to pay 8000USD as compensation.

§Ј §д§Ц§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д§Я§а§Ф§а §б§Ц§в§Ъ§а§Х§С, §б§а §б§в§Ъ§й§Ъ§Я§Ц §а§д§Ю§Ц§Я§н §Ъ§Э§Ъ §Щ§С§Х§Ц§в§Ш§Ь§Ъ §Ъ§г§б§а§Э§Я§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §і§д§а§в§а§Я§а§Ы §Ў, §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §ў §Я§Ц §Я§Ц§г§Ц§д §а§д§У§Ц§д§г§д§У§Ц§Я§Я§а§г§д§Ъ §Щ§С §п§д§е §г§Ъ§д§е§С§и§Ъ§р, §Ъ §Ц§г§Э§Ъ §е §Я§Ц§Ц §Ц§г§д§о §б§в§Ц§Х§а§б§Э§С§д§С, §і§д§а§в§а§Я§Ц §ў §Я§Ц §Я§е§Ш§Я§а §У§а§Щ§У§в§С§л§С§д§о §б§Э§С§д§Ц§Ш §і§д§а§в§а§Я§Ц §Ў. §°§Х§Я§С§Ь§а §У §г§Ъ§Э§е §б§в§Ъ§й§Ъ§Я§н §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н §Ј ( §±§а§Щ§Х§Я§а, §б§в§а§б§е§л§Ц§Я§а, §а§д§г§е§д§г§д§У§Ъ§Ц) §Х§Э§с §У§н§б§а§Э§Я§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §в§С§Т§а§д§н, §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Т§е§Х§Ц§д §г§а§Ь§в§С§л§Ц§Я§С §У 6 §в§С§Щ §Щ§С §Ц§Ш§Ц§Х§Я§Ц§У§Я§е§р §б§Э§С§д§е §Щ§С §в§С§Т§а§д§е. §Ј §г§Э§е§й§С§Ц, §Ц§г§Э§Ъ §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §б§в§Ъ§а§г§д§С§Я§С§У§Э§Ъ§У§С§Ц§д / §Щ§С§Х§Ц§в§Ш§Ъ§У§С§Ц§д / §б§в§Ц§Ь§в§С§л§С§Ц§д §Ъ§г§б§а§Э§Я§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §а§Т§с§Щ§С§д§Ц§Э§о§г§д§У §У §д§Ц§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §Т§а§Э§Ц§Ц 10 §Х§Я§Ц§Ы. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §Ў §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §б§в§С§У§а §в§С§г§д§а§в§Ф§Я§е§д§о §п§д§а §г§а§Ф§Э§С§к§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §Ъ §б§а§д§в§Ц§Т§а§У§С§д§о §а§д §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н §Ј §е§б§Э§С§д§н 8000 §Х§а§Э§Э§С§в§а§У §У §Ь§С§й§Ц§г§д§У§Ц §Ь§а§Ю§б§Ц§Я§г§С§и§Ъ§Ъ.



In cause Party B has bad attitude toward work and do not cooperate with the arrangement for rehearsal and performances of Party A. therefore influence the normal arrangement of the performances, Party A has the right to cancel performance or terminate this agreement and require Party B to pay for 8000USD as compensation. If caused Party A any other loss, Party B should bear all the compensation.

§Ј §г§У§с§Щ§Ъ §г §д§Ц§Ю, §й§д§а §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §б§Э§а§з§а §а§д§Я§а§г§Ъ§д§г§с §Ь §в§С§Т§а§д§Ц §Ъ §Я§Ц §г§а§д§в§е§Х§Я§Ъ§й§С§Ц§д §г §а§в§Ф§С§Я§Ъ§Щ§С§и§Ъ§Ц§Ы §в§Ц§б§Ц§д§Ъ§и§Ъ§Ы §Ъ §У§н§г§д§е§б§Э§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ы §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н A. §б§а§п§д§а§Ю§е §У§Э§Ъ§с§Ц§д §Я§С §Я§а§в§Ю§С§Э§о§Я§е§р §а§в§Ф§С§Я§Ъ§Щ§С§и§Ъ§р §У§н§г§д§е§б§Э§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ы, §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С A §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §б§в§С§У§а §а§д§Ю§Ц§Я§Ъ§д§о §Ъ§г§б§а§Э§Я§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §Ъ§Э§Ъ §в§С§г§д§а§в§Ф§Я§е§д§о §п§д§а §г§а§Ф§Э§С§к§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §Ъ §б§а§д§в§Ц§Т§а§У§С§д§о §а§д §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н B §±§Э§С§д§Ъ§д§о §Щ§С 8000USD §У §Ь§С§й§Ц§г§д§У§Ц §Ь§а§Ю§б§Ц§Я§г§С§и§Ъ§Ъ. §¦§г§Э§Ъ §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §Ў §б§в§Ъ§й§Ъ§Я§Ъ§Э§С §Ь§С§Ь§а§Ы-§Э§Ъ§Т§а §Х§в§е§Ф§а§Ы §е§л§Ц§в§Т, §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §ў §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §Я§Ц§г§д§Ъ §У§г§р §Ь§а§Ю§б§Ц§Я§г§С§и§Ъ§р.



In case Party B stop or unreasonably delay the responsibilities of Party B. Party A has the right to require Party B to continue and bear all loss caused, including but not limited to :loss caused by the disputes with the third party, and other direct or indirect loss caused for Party A.

§Ј §г§Э§е§й§С§Ц, §Ц§г§Э§Ъ §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §б§в§Ц§Ь§в§С§л§С§Ц§д §Ъ§Э§Ъ §Я§Ц§а§Т§а§г§Я§а§У§С§Я§Я§а §Щ§С§Х§Ц§в§Ш§Ъ§У§С§Ц§д §а§д§У§Ц§д§г§д§У§Ц§Я§Я§а§г§д§о §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н B. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С A §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §б§в§С§У§а §б§а§д§в§Ц§Т§а§У§С§д§о §а§д §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н B §б§в§а§Х§а§Э§Ш§С§д§о §Ъ §Я§Ц§г§д§Ъ §У§Ц§г§о §б§в§Ъ§й§Ъ§Я§Ц§Я§Я§н§Ы §е§л§Ц§в§Т, §У§Ь§Э§р§й§С§с, §Я§а §Я§Ц §а§Ф§в§С§Я§Ъ§й§Ъ§У§С§с§г§о: §е§л§Ц§в§Т, §б§в§Ъ§й§Ъ§Я§Ц§Я§Я§н§Ы §г§б§а§в§С§Ю§Ъ §г §д§в§Ц§д§о§Ъ§Ю §Э§Ъ§и§а§Ю, §Ъ §Х§в§е§Ф§Ъ§Ц §б§в§с§Ю§н§Ц §Є§Э§Ъ §Ь§а§г§У§Ц§Я§Я§н§Ц §е§Т§н§д§Ь§Ъ, §б§в§Ъ§й§Ъ§Я§Ц§Я§Я§н§Ц §і§д§а§в§а§Я§Ц A.



Party B shall abide by the following terms of confidentiality:


Confidentiality of this Agreement and the Supplemental Agreement including but not limited to: performance payment, performance content, costumes and etc;

§§а§Я§ж§Ъ§Х§Ц§Я§и§Ъ§С§Э§о§Я§а§г§д§о §Я§С§г§д§а§с§л§Ц§Ф§а §і§а§Ф§Э§С§к§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §Ъ §Ґ§а§б§а§Э§Я§Ъ§д§Ц§Э§о§Я§а§Ф§а §г§а§Ф§Э§С§к§Ц§Я§Ъ§с, §У§Ь§Э§р§й§С§с, §Я§а §Я§Ц §а§Ф§в§С§Я§Ъ§й§Ъ§У§С§с§г§о: §а§б§Э§С§д§С §Ъ§г§б§а§Э§Я§Ц§Я§Ъ§с, §г§а§Х§Ц§в§Ш§С§Я§Ъ§Ц §Ъ§г§б§а§Э§Я§Ц§Я§Ъ§с, §Ь§а§г§д§р§Ю§н §Ъ §д. §Ґ .;



Business secret known from the cooperation relations with Party A;


Party B shall strictly comply with the music materials confidential system of Party A, must not copy or reveal to others.

§і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §г§д§в§а§Ф§а §г§а§Т§Э§р§Х§С§Ц§д §Ь§а§Я§ж§Ъ§Х§Ц§Я§и§Ъ§С§Э§о§Я§е§р §г§Ъ§г§д§Ц§Ю§е §Ю§е§Щ§н§Ь§С§Э§о§Я§н§з §Ю§С§д§Ц§в§Ъ§С§Э§а§У §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н A, §Я§Ц §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §Ь§а§б§Ъ§в§а§У§С§д§о §Ъ§Э§Ъ §б§а§Ь§С§Щ§н§У§С§д§о §Х§в§е§Ф§Ъ§Ю.



CanЎЇt ask any artistЎЇs salary , offenders will fine 2000CNY and will change salary same as lower salary artist from the one artist asked.

§Ї§Ц§Э§о§Щ§с §б§в§а§г§Ъ§д§о §Щ§С§в§б§Э§С§д§е §Ь§С§Ь§а§Ф§а-§Э§Ъ§Т§а §з§е§Х§а§Ш§Я§Ъ§Ь§С, §б§в§С§У§а§Я§С§в§е§к§Ъ§д§Ц§Э§Ъ §Т§е§Х§е§д §к§д§в§С§ж§а§У§С§д§о 2000CNY §Ъ §Ъ§Щ§Ю§Ц§Я§с§д §Щ§С§в§б§Э§С§д§е §д§С§Ь §Ш§Ц, §Ь§С§Ь §з§е§Х§а§Ш§Я§Ъ§Ь §г §Т§а§Э§Ц§Ц §Я§Ъ§Щ§Ь§а§Ы §Щ§С§в§б§Э§С§д§а§Ы §а§д §а§Х§Я§а§Ф§а §з§е§Х§а§Ш§Я§Ъ§Ь§С.



§Ј §г§Э§е§й§С§Ц, §Ц§г§Э§Ъ §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Я§С§в§е§к§С§Ц§д §п§д§Ъ §е§г§Э§а§У§Ъ§с §Ь§а§Я§ж§Ъ§Х§Ц§Я§и§Ъ§С§Э§о§Я§а§г§д§Ъ. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §г§й§Ъ§д§С§Ц§д§г§с §г§Ц§в§о§Ц§Щ§Я§н§Ю §Я§С§в§е§к§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц§Ю §Х§а§Ф§а§У§а§в§С, §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §У§а§Щ§Ю§Ц§г§д§Ъ§д§о §і§д§а§в§а§Я§Ц §Ў §Щ§С 8000 §Х§а§Э§Э§С§в§а§У §і§є§Ў §У §Ь§С§й§Ц§г§д§У§Ц §Ь§а§Ю§б§Ц§Я§г§С§и§Ъ§Ъ §Щ§С §п§Ь§а§Я§а§Ю§Ъ§й§Ц§г§Ь§Ъ§Ц §б§а§д§Ц§в§Ъ. §Ј §д§а §Ш§Ц §У§в§Ц§Ю§с. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §Ў §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §б§в§С§У§а §Ь§а§в§в§Ц§Ь§д§Ъ§в§а§У§С§д§о §У§н§б§Э§С§д§е §У§а§Щ§Я§С§Ф§в§С§Ш§Х§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §і§д§а§в§а§Я§Ц B.

nt of Party B.



Party B promised , Artist of Party B canЎЇt give Party BЎЇs contact information to the third party ,except Party B has the written consent of Party A. When found out ,Party B will bear breach contract fee of 3000USD.Party A have the right to file a suit to the local peopleЎЇs court

§і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §а§Т§Ц§л§С§Э§С, §Є§г§б§а§Э§Я§Ъ§д§Ц§Э§о §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н B §Я§Ц §Ю§а§Ш§Ц§д §б§в§Ц§Х§а§г§д§С§У§Ъ§д§о §Ь§а§Я§д§С§Ь§д§Я§е§р §Ъ§Я§ж§а§в§Ю§С§и§Ъ§р §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н B §д§в§Ц§д§о§Ц§Ы §г§д§а§в§а§Я§Ц, §Щ§С §Ъ§г§Ь§Э§р§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц§Ю §д§а§Ф§а, §й§д§а §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §б§Ъ§г§о§Ю§Ц§Я§Я§а§Ц §г§а§Ф§Э§С§г§Ъ§Ц §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н A. §§а§Ф§Х§С §У§н§с§г§Я§Ъ§д§г§с, §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Т§е§Х§Ц§д §Я§Ц§г§д§Ъ §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д§Я§е§р §б§Э§С§д§е §Щ§С §Я§С§в§е§к§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц 3000 §Х§а§Э§Э§С§в§а§У §і§є§Ў. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С A §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §±§в§С§У§а §б§а§Х§С§д§о §Ъ§г§Ь §У §Ю§Ц§г§д§Я§н§Ы §Я§С§в§а§Х§Я§н§Ы §г§е§Х



During the contract period, in case Party B performs in place not assigned by Party A without the written consent from Party A, Party B is severely breach the contract, Party B should compensate Party A for 3000 USD/show.

§Ј §д§Ц§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д§Я§а§Ф§а §б§Ц§в§Ъ§а§Х§С, §У §г§Э§е§й§С§Ц, §Ц§г§Э§Ъ §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §ў §У§н§б§а§Э§Я§с§Ц§д, §Я§Ц §Я§С§Щ§Я§С§й§Ц§Я§Я§н§Ц §і§д§а§в§а§Я§а§Ы §Ў, §Т§Ц§Щ §б§Ъ§г§о§Ю§Ц§Я§Я§а§Ф§а §г§а§Ф§Э§С§г§Ъ§с §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н §Ў, §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §ў §г§Ц§в§о§Ц§Щ§Я§а §Я§С§в§е§к§С§Ц§д §Х§а§Ф§а§У§а§в, §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §Ј §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §У§а§Щ§Ю§Ц§г§д§Ъ§д§о §і§д§а§в§а§Я§Ц §Ў §Щ§С 3000 §Х§а§Э§Э. §і§є§Ў / §к§а§е.



During the contract period, Party B promised if Party B has any incident in any other entertainment places. Party A has no responsibility.

§Ј §д§Ц§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д§Я§а§Ф§а §б§Ц§в§Ъ§а§Х§С §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §а§Т§Ц§л§С§Э§С, §й§д§а §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §Ь§С§Ь§а§Ы-§Э§Ъ§Т§а §Ъ§Я§и§Ъ§Х§Ц§Я§д §У §Э§р§Т§н§з §Х§в§е§Ф§Ъ§з §Ю§Ц§г§д§С§з §в§С§Щ§У§Э§Ц§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ы. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §Ў §Я§Ц §Я§Ц§г§Ц§д §а§д§У§Ц§д§г§д§У§Ц§Я§Я§а§г§д§Ъ.



Party B agrees not to perform in any subsidiary from company within the contract period or six months time after the early cancellation of the contract , except Party B has the written consent of Party A. When found out ,Party B will bear breach contract fee of 3000USD.Party A have the tight to file a suit to the local peopleЎЇs court.


§і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §г§а§Ф§Э§С§к§С§Ц§д§г§с §Я§Ц §У§н§б§а§Э§Я§с§д§о §У §Ь§С§Ь§а§Ы-§Э§Ъ§Т§а §Х§а§й§Ц§в§Я§Ц§Ы §Ь§а§Ю§б§С§Я§Ъ§Ъ §а§д §Ь§а§Ю§б§С§Я§Ъ§Ъ §У §д§Ц§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д§Я§а§Ф§а §б§Ц§в§Ъ§а§Х§С §Ъ§Э§Ъ §к§Ц§г§д§Ъ §Ю§Ц§г§с§и§Ц§У §б§а§г§Э§Ц §Х§а§г§в§а§й§Я§а§Ф§а §в§С§г§д§а§в§Ш§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д§С, §Щ§С §Ъ§г§Ь§Э§р§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц§Ю §д§а§Ф§а, §й§д§а §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §б§Ъ§г§о§Ю§Ц§Я§Я§а§Ц §г§а§Ф§Э§С§г§Ъ§Ц §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н A. §§а§Ф§Х§С §У§н§с§г§Я§с§Ц§д§г§с, §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Т§е§Х§Ц§д §Я§Ц§г§д§Ъ §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д§Я§е§р §б§Э§С§д§е §Щ§С §Я§С§в§е§к§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц 3000USD.Party A §Ъ§Ю§Ц§р§д §Ш§Ц§г§д§Ь§Ъ§Ы §б§а§Х§С§д§о §Ъ§г§Ь §У §г§е§Х §Ю§Ц§г§д§Я§н§з §Ш§Ъ§д§Ц§Э§Ц§Ы.



Evaluation, Termination and Cancellation of Contract


If Party B is unable to attend work for reasons of illness, then certification from 3A hospital should be presented. Any sick leave without the hospital certification. Party A will deduct 2 working daysЎЇ salary from Party BЎЇs month payment. This amount will be deducted for each time occurred. If this situation happened for more than 3 times, Party A has the right to terminate this agreement.

§¦§г§Э§Ъ §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §ў §Я§Ц §Ю§а§Ш§Ц§д §б§в§Ъ§г§е§д§г§д§У§а§У§С§д§о §Я§С §в§С§Т§а§д§Ц §б§а §б§в§Ъ§й§Ъ§Я§Ц §Т§а§Э§Ц§Щ§Я§Ъ, §Х§а§Э§Ш§Я§С §Т§н§д§о §б§в§Ц§Х§г§д§С§У§Э§Ц§Я§С §С§д§д§Ц§г§д§С§и§Ъ§с §Ъ§Щ §Т§а§Э§о§Я§Ъ§и§н 3§Ў. §­§р§Т§а§Ы §а§д§б§е§г§Ь §б§а §Т§а§Э§Ц§Щ§Я§Ъ §Т§Ц§Щ §С§д§д§Ц§г§д§С§и§Ъ§Ъ §Т§а§Э§о§Я§Ъ§и§н. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С A §Т§е§Х§Ц§д §е§Х§Ц§в§Ш§Ъ§У§С§д§о §Щ§С§в§С§Т§а§д§Я§е§р §б§Э§С§д§е §У §в§С§Щ§Ю§Ц§в§Ц §Х§У§е§з §в§С§Т§а§й§Ъ§з §Х§Я§Ц§Ы §Ъ§Щ §Ю§Ц§г§с§й§Я§а§Ы §а§б§Э§С§д§н §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н B. §ї§д§С §г§е§Ю§Ю§С §Т§е§Х§Ц§д §У§н§й§Ъ§д§С§д§о§г§с §Щ§С §Ь§С§Ш§Х§н§Ы §в§С§Щ. §¦§г§Э§Ъ §п§д§а §б§в§а§Ъ§Щ§а§к§Э§а §Т§а§Э§Ц§Ц 3 §в§С§Щ, §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §Ў §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §б§в§С§У§а §в§С§г§д§а§в§Ф§Я§е§д§о §п§д§а §г§а§Ф§Э§С§к§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ц.



In case Party B breach of the contract and caused loss from Party A which need pay for the liquidated damages, compensation or any other fees. Party A has the right to cut from Party BЎЇs performance salary.

§Ј §г§Э§е§й§С§Ц, §Ц§г§Э§Ъ §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С B §Я§С§в§е§к§Ъ§Э§С §Х§а§Ф§а§У§а§в §Ъ §б§в§Ъ§й§Ъ§Я§Ъ§Э§С §е§л§Ц§в§Т §г§д§а§в§а§Я§Ц A, §Ь§а§д§а§в§С§с §Я§е§Ш§Х§С§Ц§д§г§с §У §а§б§Э§С§д§Ц §Щ§С §е§б§е§л§Ц§Я§Я§н§Ы §е§л§Ц§в§Т, §Ь§а§Ю§б§Ц§Я§г§С§и§Ъ§р §Ъ§Э§Ъ §Э§р§Т§н§Ц §Х§в§е§Ф§Ъ§Ц §г§Т§а§в§н. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С §Ў §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §б§в§С§У§а §г§а§Ь§в§С§д§Ъ§д§о §Щ§С§в§б§Э§С§д§е, §У§н§б§Э§С§й§Ъ§У§С§Ц§Ю§е§р §і§д§а§в§а§Я§а§Ы §ў.



In case of termination of the contract for whatever reason. Party A has the right to cancel the visa of Party B. According to the gravity of the situation Party A have the right to go to the embassy for keep Party B in the black list. Party B would be banned from ever entering the China in 5 years.

§Ј §г§Э§е§й§С§Ц §в§С§г§д§а§в§Ш§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §Х§а§Ф§а§У§а§в§С §б§а §Э§р§Т§а§Ы §б§в§Ъ§й§Ъ§Я§Ц. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С A §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §б§в§С§У§а §С§Я§Я§е§Э§Ъ§в§а§У§С§д§о §У§Ъ§Щ§е §і§д§а§в§а§Я§н B. §Ј §г§а§а§д§У§Ц§д§г§д§У§Ъ§Ъ §г §г§Ц§в§о§Ц§Щ§Я§а§г§д§о§р §г§Ъ§д§е§С§и§Ъ§Ъ §і§д§а§в§а§Я§С A §Ъ§Ю§Ц§Ц§д §б§в§С§У§а §б§а§Ы§д§Ъ §У §б§а§г§а§Э§о§г§д§У§а, §й§д§а§Т§н §г§а§з§в§С§Я§Ъ§д§о §і§д§а§в§а§Я§е B §У §й§Ц§в§Я§а§Ю §г§б§Ъ§г§Ь§Ц. §і§д§а§в§а§Я§Ц B §Т§е§Х§Ц§д §Щ§С§б§в§Ц§л§Ц§Я§а §У§м§Ц§Щ§Ш§С§д§о §У §§Ъ§д§С§Ы §й§Ц§в§Ц§Щ 5 §Э§Ц§д.



Article 8: Exclusion of liability


Any cause beyond either partyЎЇs control including ,but not limited to, acts of government or any public authority, strikes, lockouts, fire, war, civic commotion and etc. The contract can be terminated naturally.

§­§р§Т§С§с §б§в§Ъ§й§Ъ§Я§С, §Я§С§з§а§Х§с§л§С§с§г§с §У§Я§Ц §Ь§а§Я§д§в§а§Э§с §Э§р§Т§а§Ы §Ъ§Щ §г§д§а§в§а§Я, §У§Ь§Э§р§й§С§с, §Я§а §Я§Ц §а§Ф§в§С§Я§Ъ§й§Ъ§У§С§с§г§о, §Х§Ц§Ы§г§д§У§Ъ§с §б§в§С§У§Ъ§д§Ц§Э§о§г§д§У§С §Ъ§Э§Ъ §Э§р§Т§а§Ы §Ф§а§г§е§Х§С§в§г§д§У§Ц§Я§Я§а§Ы §У§Э§С§г§д§Ъ, §Щ§С§Т§С§г§д§а§У§Ь§Ъ, §Э§а§Ь§С§е§д§н, §б§а§Ш§С§в§н, §У§а§Ы§Я§н, §Ф§в§С§Ш§Х§С§Я§г§Ь§Ъ§Ц §У§а§Э§Я§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §Ъ §д. §Ґ. §Ґ§а§Ф§а§У§а§в §Ю§а§Ш§Ц§д §Т§н§д§о §в§С§г§д§а§в§Ф§Я§е§д §Ц§г§д§Ц§г§д§У§Ц§Я§Я§н§Ю §а§Т§в§С§Щ§а§Ю.




Article 9: Dispute Resolution


If any disputes happen when conducting this contract, both sides will negotiate and solve disputes friendly first, if both sides cannot get any settlement, both parties have the right to file a suit to the local peopleЎЇs court.

§Ј §г§Э§е§й§С§Ц §У§а§Щ§Я§Ъ§Ь§Я§а§У§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §в§С§Щ§Я§а§Ф§Э§С§г§Ъ§Ы §б§в§Ъ §Щ§С§Ь§Э§р§й§Ц§Я§Ъ§Ъ §п§д§а§Ф§а §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д§С §а§Т§Ц §г§д§а§в§а§Я§н §Т§е§Х§е§д §г§Я§С§й§С§Э§С §У§Ц§г§д§Ъ §б§Ц§в§Ц§Ф§а§У§а§в§н §Ъ §в§С§Щ§в§Ц§к§С§д§о §г§б§а§в§н, §Ц§г§Э§Ъ §а§Т§Ц §г§д§а§в§а§Я§н §Я§Ц §г§Ю§а§Ф§е§д §б§в§Ъ§Ы§д§Ъ §Ь §Ь§С§Ь§а§Ю§е-§Э§Ъ§Т§а §е§в§Ц§Ф§е§Э§Ъ§в§а§У§С§Я§Ъ§р, §а§Т§Ц §г§д§а§в§а§Я§н §Ъ§Ю§Ц§р§д §б§в§С§У§а §б§а§Х§С§д§о §Ъ§г§Ь §У §г§е§Х §Ю§Ц§г§д§Я§н§з §Ш§Ъ§д§Ц§Э§Ц§Ы.




Article 10:Final Note


This contract will come into force after both Parties signed.

§ї§д§а§д §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д §У§г§д§е§б§Ъ§д §У §г§Ъ§Э§е §б§а§г§Э§Ц §б§а§Х§б§Ъ§г§С§Я§Ъ§с §г§д§а§в§а§Я§С§Ю§Ъ.



This contract is in duplicate; both sides hold one copy, print/email/fax copies of this agreement has the same legal force.

§Ї§С§г§д§а§с§л§Ъ§Ы §Х§а§Ф§а§У§а§в §г§а§г§д§С§У§Э§Ц§Я §У §Х§У§е§з §п§Ь§Щ§Ц§Ю§б§Э§с§в§С§з; §°§Т§Ц §г§д§а§в§а§Я§н §Ъ§Ю§Ц§р§д §а§Х§Ъ§Я §п§Ь§Щ§Ц§Ю§б§Э§с§в, §Ь§а§б§Ъ§Ъ / §Ь§а§б§Ъ§Ъ §п§Э§Ц§Ь§д§в§а§Я§Я§а§Ы §б§а§й§д§н / §ж§С§Ь§г§С §п§д§а§Ф§а §г§а§Ф§Э§С§к§Ц§Я§Ъ§с §Ъ§Ю§Ц§р§д §а§Х§Ъ§Я§С§Ь§а§У§е§р §р§в§Ъ§Х§Ъ§й§Ц§г§Ь§е§р §г§Ъ§Э§е.



This contract applies to the Ў°Contract Law of the PeopleЎЇs Republic of ChinaЎ± and relevant laws and regulations, Chinese contract terms are identical to the English contract terms or contract is not valid.

§Ї§С§г§д§а§с§л§Ъ§Ы §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д §б§в§Ъ§Ю§Ц§Я§с§Ц§д§г§с §Ь «§Ґ§а§Ф§а§У§а§в§е §а §б§в§С§У§Ц §§Ъ§д§С§Ы§г§Ь§а§Ы §Ї§С§в§а§Х§Я§а§Ы §І§Ц§г§б§е§Т§Э§Ъ§Ь§Ъ» §Ъ §г§а§а§д§У§Ц§д§г§д§У§е§р§л§Ъ§Ю §Щ§С§Ь§а§Я§С§Ю §Ъ §б§в§С§У§Ъ§Э§С§Ю, §е§г§Э§а§У§Ъ§с §Ь§Ъ§д§С§Ы§г§Ь§а§Ф§а §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д§С §Ъ§Х§Ц§Я§д§Ъ§й§Я§н §е§г§Э§а§У§Ъ§с§Ю §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д§С §Ъ§Э§Ъ §Ь§а§Я§д§в§С§Ь§д§С §Я§С §С§Я§Ф§Э§Ъ§Ы§г§Ь§а§Ю §с§Щ§н§Ь§Ц.




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Stamp: Signature:


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