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Переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на выделенные слова.

1. In the caseof children under 14 they are not allowed to see this film.

2. When a judge decides a case, he lays down a legal principle, which

other judges must follow.

3. The witness remembered that the suspect had been wearing a dark suit.

4. The suitof trespass has been brought to the County Court.

5. The police had to take a firm actionto deal with the riots.

6. If he does not pay us soon we'll have to bring an action against him.

7. The law provides no remedyfor this injustice.

8. A good night's sleep is the best remedy for your headache.


Подберите пары близких по значению слов из двух колонок:

1) suit a) obligation

2) case b) individual

3) breach c) basic

4) formal d) action

5) to fulfill e) compensation

6) essential f) matter

7) duty g) break

8) to start h) to begin

9) harm i) to carry out

10) remedy j) damage

11) person k) official


Заполните пропуски предлогами и переведите предложения на рус-

ский язык.

  between for(3) from in(2) of(4) to(2)  

1. The difference … torts and breaches … contract is essential.

2. Any member … society should refrain … causing harm … other people.

3. … a civil case a plaintiff is asking … compensation.

4. Fraud is related … illegal means … making money.

5. The senator is going to prosecute the reporter … invasion … privacy.

6. … a civil action a remedy is money awarded … injury.


Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу словами из правой колонки. Обратите внимание на то, что два слова являются лишними.

  1. … is a wrongdoing for which a private citizen (or company) is sued by another private citizen.   2. A person who sues in a civil action is named a … .   3. The breaking of a duty or obligation of the contract is called the … .   4. A person against whom court proceedings are brought is called a … .   5. To begin an action a person should file a… .   6. Money paid by one party to compensate the other party for loss or injury is called … .   7. … is unlawful interference with the person, property or rights of another person.   defendant breach plaintiff complaint recklessness trespass damages suit tort


Найдите в тексте предложение с эмфатической конструкцией и пере-

ведите его на русский язык.

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