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Some Prepositions. / Предлоги

To the left of the desk - слева от стола

To the right of the desk – справа от стола

Next to the desk – рядом со столом

In the corner –в углу

On the desk – на столе

Behind the telephone – за телефоном

In front of the plant – перед растением

Under the desk – под столом

Over the desk - над столом

Opposite the window - напротив окна

Upstairs - вверх по лестнице

Downstairs - вниз по лестнице

In the drawer – в ящике

Above the desk – над столом

Below the picture- под картиной

At the top of the picture- в верхней части картины

On the left of the picture- в левой части картины

On the right of the picture- в правой части картины

At the bottom of the picture- в нижней части картины

In the middle of the picture – в середине картины



This is our office. Mary and I share the office. There are two desks in the office. There are two telephones on Mary’s desk. This is the internal phone and that is the external phone.

There are two computers and one typewriter in the room. There is a photocopier on the table in the corner. We have a filing cabinet with four drawers next to Mary’s desk. There is a pot plant on the filing cabinet. The notice board is next to the shelves to the right of the filing cabinet. The graph is between the notice board and the shelves above the table with the photocopier. We have five shelves on the wall. There are books on the shelves and the coffee pot in the bottom shelf. The wastepaper bin is under the table. On my desk there are three trays with some files and papers on them. I have a very good calculator, too. The chairs in our office are very comfortable. The chairs are at the desks. And we have four chairs for visitors.

Our room number is 103. Our office telephone number is two-six-seven-four-three-one. Our extension number is fifty-two.

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