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B) Find in the text 9 noun chains

C) Find in paragraphs 1, 3, 7, 8 words and word combinations with the meaning «чтобы», «чтобы не», «так, чтобы / таким образом, чтобы».

D. Say whether the following statements are true, false or there is no information in the text on the subject.

1) The “cost” of money depends on the prime rate.

2) When money is “cheap” it can be safely invested in real estate operations.

3) By increasing the prime rate level the Federal Reserve Bank stimulates investments in construction.

4) The Federal government insures every bank against robbery or bankruptcy.

E. Say which paragraphs contain the information on:

1) A means of making profit for:

a) the Federal government

b) a bank

c) individuals

2) How money is looked upon by the banks.

3) How banks influence different spheres of economy.

4) How the Federal government promotes the development of different branches of economy.

F. Say which of the following sentences presents most accurately the main idea of the text.

1) Lending money out – that’s what all banks (including the Federal Reserve Bank) are busy doing.

2) Banks’ activity is very important both to the population and economy.

3) Different ways in which banks make their main profit.


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