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B) Are the statements true or false?

1. A sole proprietor takes all the decisions.

2. His friend gets all the profits.

3. If a sole proprietor goes bankrupt, he has to buy new equipment.

Make 3 true/false statements about partnership and corporation.

Exercise 3

Match the English words to their Russian equivalents:

a. товары и оборудование b. преимущества и недостатки c. подоходный налог d. неограниченная ответственность e. личная собственность f. предоставить капитал g. принимать решения a. income tax b. advantages and disadvantages c. to make decisions d. unlimited liability e. to provide capital f. personal property g. goods and equipment

Exercise 4

a) Supply the missing forms of the words.

verbs nouns
  owner, ownership

B) Complete the following sentences with the correct verb or noun from the list above.

1. The sole proprietor can ....... for himself if he wants to form a new business.

2. The.......can keep all the profits of the business.

3. The proprietor made purchase some new.........

4. The sole proprietorship, partnership, and the manner in which they raise capital.

5. If the owner makes the wrong decision, it may.........the business.

6. The proprietor does not wish to........his enterprise, because he was unsuccessful and he doesn’t

get any........ from his efforts.

7. It takes capital to purchase inventory and.......the workshop with the necessary tools.

8. We try to........the customers so that they shop here.

Exercise 5

Match the expressions to their definitions or synonyms on the right.

1. to comply with 2. sole proprietorship 3. to purchase 4. assets 5. is entitled 6. to carry out 7. enterprise     a. to follow b. one-owner business c. to buy d. things of value to a business e. is allowed by law f. to fulfill g. business

Exercise 6

Match two columns to make word-combinations and translate them:

1. business 2. government 3. legal 4. personal 5. corporate 6. legal a. entity b. wealth c. regulations d. agencies e. profits f. agreement

Exercise 7

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