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A) Match the English word combinations to their Russian equivalents

1. to act for the client in court a. раскрыть преступление
2. to check the legality b. представлять клиента в суде
3. to commit a crime c. проверять законность
4. to conduct legal proceedings a. совершать преступление
5. to draft contracts e. составлять проект договора
6. to investigate crimes f. расследовать преступления
7. to solve crimes g. вести судебное разбирательство
8. to perform duties h. выполнять обязанности
9. to preside in the courtroom i. предотвращать преступления
10. to prevent crimes j. урегулировать спор
11. to settle а dispute k. председательствовать в суде

b) Use 5 word combinations from the box and make 5 sentences to describe the work of lawyers in Russia. Remember to use proper grammar form of the words.

e.g. to commit a crime + to solve crimes = Investigators never commit crimes, solve them.

Exercise 6

Grammar focus 7. Modal verbs. Revision.

Complete the sentences with the suitable modals:

can, may, must, should, needn't.

1. You …… go to the notary office and file the documents. I’ll do everything myself.

2. I think you ……. listen to your advocate. He knows what he says.

3. ….. I enter the courtroom when the hearing has already begun?

4. I am your lawyer. I want to know what happened. You …… tell me.

5. This witness doesn’t know English. He ….. speak only Spanish. We need an interpreter for him.

Text 1

Pre-reading task: Skim the text and divide it into the logical parts. Entitle them.

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