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Задание 1.Прослушайте диалог. Воспроизведите его в парах.

A Visit To The Doctor

Doctor: Well, what is the trouble? You are looking rather unwell, I must say.

Mr. Brown. You had better ask me what is not trouble with me, sir. It seems to me I am suffering all the illnesses imaginable: headache, earache, insomnia, indigestion, pains in the stomach, muscle pain, appetite loss. And to make things worse I’ve caught a cold, I’ve got a sore throat, so I am sneezing and coughing all the time. I feel hot and feverish. I got short of breath. Actually, I feel more dead than alive.

Doctor: I am sorry to hear that. Anyway, I don’t think things are so bad as you can imagine. Let me have a look at you. I’d like to sound your chest. Your heart, chest and lungs seem to be not bad. Now let me see your throat. Yes, it looks a bit sore. Show me your tongue. Have you taken your temperature?

Mr. Brown. Not yet, but I guess I should.

Doctor: Well, I don’t find anything radically wrong with you. But it is clear that you’re down, and if you don’t take care of yourself, you may have a nervous breakdown. So, first of all I advise you to stop worrying. Take some rest, have regular meals, keep off alcohol. If possible, give up smoking, at least for a time. Have this tonic made up and take 1 tablespoon three times a day before meals.

Mr. Brown. What about diet, doctor?

Doctor: Well, keep to a diet of salads and fruit, and a bit meat. If you do this I can promise you soon full recovery.

Mr. Brown. But if I don’t?

Doctor: Youhave to decide what is the lesser evil – to follow my advice or prepare for a better world! And one more thing. Keep off accidents so that your neck, arms and legs were not hurt!

Задание 2. Подберите перевод следующих клише и выражений в правом столбце:

  1. What’s the trouble? 1. Мне кажется, …
  2. It seems to me … 2. Позвольте на вас взглянуть
  3. to make things worse 3. В чем дело?
  4. Let me have a look at you 4. Я скорее мертв, чем жив
  5. I feel more dead than alive 5. Ухудшить положение
  6. I guess I should stop worrying 6. Я думаю, что мне не стоит


  1. if possible 7. соблюдать диету
  2. give up smoking 8. брось курить
  3. at least for a time 9. если возможно
  4. keep a diet 10. хотя бы на время
  5. what is the lesser evil 11. что меньшее зло
  6. keep off accidents 12. избегай катастроф

Задание 3.Составьте вопросы, ответы на которые приводятся ниже:

- I am suffering all the illnesses imaginable

- Yes? I have a sore throat

- I feel hot and feverish

- Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day before meals

- Come to me in some days

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