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Vocabulary. securities – ценные бумаги

securities – ценные бумаги

issuance of share –выпуск акций

subsequent –последующий

thereof –этого;того

lender –заимодавец, кредитор

intermediary -посредник

loan –заём, ссуда

mortgage –ипотека; заклад, закладная

to fund –вкладывать капитал в ценные


Treasury bill – казначейский вексель

bankers’ acceptance –банковский акцепт

equities –акции без фиксированного


15. Give Russian equivalents:

stocks,bonds,derivatives markets,redistribution,repurchase,obligation.

16. Choose words from the list to fill in the gaps, then use them to make sentences:

financial, foreign, money, short-term, commercial, subsequent

1. _____ exchange 4. _____ paper
2. _____ obligations 5. _____securities
3. _____ trading 6. _____ market

17. Answer the questions:

1. What is a financial market?

2. What do financial markets facilitate?

3. What are the subtypes of financial markets?

4. What types do capital markets consist of?

5. What do money/derivatives/futures markets provide?

6. What do commodity/insurance/foreign exchange markets facilitate?

7. What is the difference between primary and secondary markets?

8. What’s banks’ role in financial markets?

8. What does a money market provide?

9. What is the difference between money markets and capital markets?

10. What does the core of the money market consist of?

18. Use words/phrases from the list to help you retell the text:

financial securities, commodities, facilitate, capital markets, issuance of shares, subsequent trading, trading of commodities, debt financing, financial risk, futures markets, redistribution, foreign exchange, primary markets, secondary markets, intermediaries, loans and mortgages, short-term borrowing and lending, commercial paper


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