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Vocabulary. social welfare –социальное

social welfare –социальное


to avoid disadvantages –избегать


to enjoy the benefits –пользоваться


to solve economic problems –решать

экономические проблемы

a share of the output –доля в объеме


essential items –товары и услуги первой


7. Give Russian equivalents:

environmental concerns, relevant aspects, state ownership, taxation, transfer payments.

8. Choose words from the list to fill in the gaps, then use them to make sentences:

government, economic , social , essential

1. _____ welfare 3. _____ disadvantages
2. _____ control 4. _____ freedom

9. Fill in the gaps with the words and expressions from the text:

1. Mixed economy is an economic system that includes a variety of _____ control.

2. The aim of mixed economies is to avoid _____ of planned and market economies.

3. The state controls _____ through taxation.

4. In the UK economy some services _____ by the state.

10. Answer the questions:

1. What’s a mixed economy?

2. What are the aspects of mixed economy?

3. What may government regulation include in this system?

4. What is the aim of mixed economies?

5. What does the state control in mixed economies?

6. Can you give examples of countries with mixed economy?

11. Use words/phrases from the list to help you retell the text:

public and government control, private economic freedom, centralized economic planning, essential disadvantages, solving economic problems, share of the output, transfer payments, essential items.

Unit 7

Company structure

(B) Departments

Most large companies have different departments. Look at the extracts from the documents below and match them with the appropriate department. Can you think of some other departments?


f. Currency……….$ Document number…..154 Discount……..20% Supplier invoice date…..25/10/2012 Invoice number……023 Gross amount…..$ 459    

1. Sales and Marketing department ____.

2. Financial (Finance) department ____.

3. Legal Department ____.

4. Human Resources department ___.

5. Communications department ___.

6. Research and Development department___.

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