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Choose the right equivalent

1. presidium 1. not depending on authority or control
2. bias 2. favouring social equality
3. independent 3. a person with authority to hear
4. competent 4. of or in line with constitution
5.democratic 5. adequately qualified or capable
6. Duma 6. predisposition or prejudice
7. legislative 7. legislative organ in Russian Federation
8. executive 8. State in which supreme power is held by the people or by their elected representatives
9. constitutional 9. standing committee
10. republic 10. branch of government concerned with executive laws, agreements
  11. empowered to make legislation
  12. having self-government

Match the given phrases

1. rule of law 1 подавляющее большинство
2. to determine 2. кассация
3. to consider 3. юридическое лицо
4.General jurisdiction 4. состав присяжных
5. Judicial supervision 5. законность
6. to attribute to 6. военный суд
7. overwhelming majority 7. юридический контроль
8. administrative offences 8. общая юрисдикция
9. cassation 9. определять
10. judicial panel 10. рассматривать (дело)
  11. административные правонарушения

Insert the right word

1. The R.F. judicial system is an branch of power, free from political and ideo­logical .

2. It is independent from the and branches of power.

3. Independent, law court is an important component of astate based on a

rule of law.

4. The__ Court of the R.F. considers cases relating to the compliance of the fed­
eral laws.

5. It also controls over the laws of the State___ and constitutions of .

6. They work in the following compositions: of the court, judicial panel for

civil cases and judicial panel for criminal cases.

7. _ of the Peace are judges of the subjects of the R.F.

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