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Exercise 1. Образуйте форму прошедшего неопределённого времени у следующих глаголов. Обратите внимание на произношение окончаний

To work, to live, to decide, to help, to include, to insist, to train, to like, to hope, to wait, to miss, to introduce, to continue, to watch, to translate, to discuss, to describe, to wish, to dance, to expect, to found, to want, to change, to play, to open, to stop, to graduate, to talk, to enter, believe.

Exercise 2. Дайте три формы глаголов.

To read, to write, to take, to give, to drive, to have, to be, to go, to come, to get, to put, to understand, to make, to fall, to feel, to awake, to bring, to ring, to run, to sit, to set, to think, to drink, to find, to throw, to hit, to hurt, to buy, to cost, to send, to say, to tell, to speak, to see, to hear, to win, to ride, to catch, to hide, to let.

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