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Exercise 2. Вставьте somebody или anybody. Обоснуйте свой выбор

1) Don’t tell … about it. It’s a secret.

2) … has eaten all the ice-cream.

3) Is there … here who knows French?

4) If … is at home, please, tell me.

5) You may invite … you wish.

6) Where did you meet … ?

7) Will … pass me the salt, please?

8) There isn’t … at home today.

9) Has …got a dictionary?

10) I saw … in the train yesterday who looked like you.

Exercise 3. Вставьте something или anything. Обоснуйте свой выбор.

1) There is … wrong with our car.

2) I didn’t understand … .

3) If you find …, show it to me.

4) Will you give me … warm? It’s cold here.

5) Is there … that you want to tell me?

6) I don’t know … about your town. Tell me … about it.

7) When will you do … useful?

8) I didn’t have any money and I couldn’t buy … .

9) Cook … light for dinner today.

10) There is … white in the box. What is it?

Exercise 4. Вставьте somewhere или anywhere. Обоснуйте свой выбор.

1) Will you go … tonight?

2) Let’s spend our holidays …in Europe.

3) You may go … you like.

4) If he goes … without me, I will take offence.

5) I didn’t go … last summer.

6) Why do go … every day?

7) It is … in this street.

8) Let’s leave for … .

9) You may find your book … on the shelf.

10) I couldn’t meet him … .

Exercise 5. Постройте предложения.

  I have some something somebody   relatives in London.
  There is some something somebody   at home.
  There is some something somebody   interesting on TV tonight.
  Is there any anything anybody   on this desk?
  Have they any anything anybody   chairs in the kitchen?  
  Is there any anything anybody   in the bathroom?
  We haven’t any anything anybody   friends in Paris.
  There is some something somebody   in the fridge.
  There is some something somebody   in the house.

Exercise 6. . Вставьте some или any, somebody или anybody, something или anything.

1) Do you have … classes today? – No, we haven’t … classes on Saturday.

2) Have you got … questions?

3) I want to tell you … interesting about our friend Sally.

4) Is there … interesting on TV?

5) Come here, I’ll show you … pictures of our country house.

6) Do you know … in that house?

7) There is light in the flat. … is at home.

8) Here are … books by English writers. Take … book you like.

9) Is there … here who knows this man?

10) He has given them … money.

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