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II. Работа над грамматикой. (30 мин)

Задание 1. Измените залог предложения:

1) The septum divides the heart chambers.

2) The atrioventricular valves separate the atria from the ventricles.

3) The vessels carrying blood to and from the tissues of the body compose the general system.

4) The veins passing to the liver form the portal system.

5) Students passed a test yesterday.

6) A doctor will examine the patient tomorrow.

Задание 2. Поставьте глагол в нужной форме пассивного залога

1. The oxygen (to take up) from the air in the lungs. 2. This process (to call) external respiration. 3. A doctor found that the patient’s airways (to block) by a foreign body. 4. The respiratory activity (to govern) by the amount of carbon dioxide which previously (to eliminate) from the organism. 5. The lung X-ray (to perform) next week. 6. The movement of the air (to cause) by an increase in the volume of the thoracic cavity. 7. I am sure that during the operation the outer layer (to raise) to provide the necessary space. 8. The thorax (to separate) from the abdomen by the diaphragm.

III. Устная речь (35 мин) Направлено на формирование компетенции ОК-6.

Представьте себе, что вам необходимо рассказать о строении и функции сердечно-сосудистой системы (на экзамене, на занятии, школьнику). Расскажите о строении и функции сердечно-сосудистой системы, используя лексическую и смысловую опору:

The heart is …

The weight of the heart is…

The heart consists of…

The right atrium is larger…

The muscular structure of the heart consists of…

The vascular system consists of…

The contractions of the heart pump….

Each wave of heart contraction and a period of rest following it compose…

Blood is…

Blood is composed of….

Red cells contain…

The total blood volume is divided into….

When we listen to the heart we can hear….

IV. Перевод текста (30 мин) Направлено на формирование компетенции ОК-5.

Переведите текст Respiration на стр 81 Учебника

Занятие 11

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