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Exercise 1. Do you know all these words?

1. a receptionist – дежурный, администратор

2. to expect – ожидать

3. a bit – немного

4. early – рано, ранний

early in the morning – рано утром

to be early – приходить рано

to come early – приходить рано

5. actually – фактически

I’m a bit early, actually.

6. in – через

I’ll be ready in a minute

7. a few – несколько, немного

We’ve received a few letters today.

8. pretty – довольно, достаточно

I’m pretty tired today.

It’s pretty difficult to do it.

9. a conference room – конференц-зал

We usually have talks in our conference room.

10. lately – недавно

11. closely – внимательно

I’ve studied your quotation closely.

12. a high price – высокая цена

We’ve sold our goods at a high price lately.

13. quality – качество

to be of high quality – высокого качества

Our goods are of high quality.

14. just – только что

We’ve just started learning English.

15. to produce – производить

16. a lot (of) – много

17. an order – заказ

an order for – заказ на

We’ve received a lot of orders for our goods this week.

18. a requirement – требование

to meet the requirements of smb. – отвечать чьим-либо требованиям

to meet smb.’s requirements – отвечать чьим-либо требованиям

These goods meet the requirements of our customers.

19. to buy (bought, bought)

We’ve bought a lot of goods from French companies lately.

20. a contract form – типовой контракт

Have you seen our contract form?

21. to let – разрешать, позволять

Let me do it.

Let’s go to Kiev together.

22. again – снова

23. next – следующий

We are having the next English lesson on Wednesday.

We are extending our business next year.

24. ever – когда-либо

25. yet – еще

26. a month – месяц

27. a year – год

28. a date – дата, число

What’s the date today?

Working on some of the above words

To be of high quality – быть высокого качества

Our machines are of high quality.

1. equipment

2. goods

3. office furniture

4. computer equipment

To start doing smth. – начать делать что-либо

Our company has just started producing a new model of office equipment.

1. to sell machines model BC

2. to discuss terms of payment

3. to study the latest catalogues of GML

4. to sell new TV equipment

To meet the requirements of smb. – отвечать чьим-либо требованиям

· What goods of GML are you interested in?

· We are interested in their chemical equipment. It meets our requirements.

1. machines

2. furniture

3. office equipment

4. compact discs

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