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Before you read the text, look at these sentences and agree or disagree with them and explain your viewpoint

1. A rocket is a vehicle designed to leave Earth's atmosphere and operate beyond the surface of the Earth in outer space.

2. Rockets use air-breathing engines.

3. Rockets may have some stages.

4. Rockets can move with the speed much higher than the speed of sound.


Read the text and match the English words with their Russian counterparts.

1. booster a. окислитель

2. oxidizer b. уравнение

3. satellite c. космический корабль

4. equation d. момент выгорания топлива

5. propellant e. вакуум

6. nozzle f. искусственный спутник Земли

7. spacecraft g. ракетное топливо

8. vacuum h. ракета-носитель

9. burn-out time i. сопло

Read the text and check whether your predictions were correct.

Read the text and write a brief heading for each paragraph.

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