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Answer the questions. 1. What does the urinary system excrete?

1. What does the urinary system excrete?

2. What organs does the urinary system consist of?

5.Give the definition (определение) of the words

1. The ureter is a …

2. The urethra is a …

Fill in the gaps using the text

1. The kidneys are two ______________ organs.

2. The kidneys are placed in the _________________ region.

3. The kidneys are __________________ by membranes.

4. The kidneys ______________ small tubes which excrete __________________.

5. The kidneys control ________________ of the constituents of body fluids.

Translate the sentences into Russian.

1.The bladder is a reservoir for urine.

2.It is situated in the cavity of the pelvis.

3.The bladder has three parts: apex, body and fundus.

4.The wall of the bladder consists of three coatings – mucous, muscular and connective tissue. 5.The mucous membrane of the bladder forms numerous folds.

6.When the bladder fills, the folds of the mucous coat straighten out.

7.The muscular coat consists of three layers of smooth muscles extending in different directions. 8.The capacity of the bladder of an adult is about 350 – 500 ml.

Match the words in the columns

  1. urinary
  2. excrete
  3. covered by
  4. waste
  5. inner
  6. lumber
  7. cavity of
  8. consist of
  9. form
  10. extend in
  11. muscular
  12. bean-shaped
    • membranes
    • folds
    • the pelvis
    • different directions
    • system
    • organs
    • end products
    • coating
    • region
    • three coatings
    • margin
    • products

Continue the sentences

1. The urinary system excretes …

2. The urinary system consists of …

3. The kidneys are …

4. The kidneys are placed …

5. The kidneys excrete …

6. The kidneys control …

Translate into English

1. Мочевой пузырь находится в тазовой полости.

2. Мочевой пузырь имеет 3 части: верхушку, тело и дно.

3. Стенка мочевого пузыря состоит из 3 слоёв: слизистого, мышечного и слоя соединительной ткани.

4. Слизистая оболочка образует складки.

5. Мышечный слой растягивается в разных направлениях.

Answer the questions

  1. What is the ureter?
  2. What is the urethra?
  3. What is the bladder?
  4. What is the hilus?

Speak about the urinary system.


Fill in the gaps with the missing remarks

Teacher: Good day. Nice to see you. You are going to be a medical worker. Tell me what kind of

person a medical worker should be.

Student: …

Teacher: Should he have nerves of steel?

Student: …

Teacher: A medical worker should have very strong nerves or nerves of steel. Remember it.

At this lesson we speak about the nervous system.

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