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Exercises. Fill in the blanks with prepositions if necessary

Fill in the blanks with prepositions if necessary.

1. He is a student … the Pedagogical University.

2. … last year I entered … the faculty … psychology.

3. He goes … the University every day.

4. My sister got interested … chemistry … the age … 16.

5. He was an organiser … a student scientific society.

6. How long does the course … engineers last … your University?

7. D.I. Mendeleyev graduated … the institute in 1854.

8. A lot of students are engaged … scientific work … their faculties.

9. My friend is good … mathematics.

10. We passed our examination … philosophy … the 12th … January.

11. How do you prepare … the next day classes?

Read the sentences translating the words in brackets into English.

1. We began to attend school (в возрасте семи лет).

2. We (заинтересовались) in some school subjects.

3. As for me I (решила) to enter the University (сразу после школы).

4. I worked hard and passed the entrance examinations (успешно).

5. Now I (студентка первого курса).

6. In January we shall (сдавать зачёты и семестровые экзамены).

7. It is very important (не пропускать лекции и семинары).

8. We (берём) all necessary books in the library (чтобы подготовиться к занятиям).

9. (Мне требуется не много времени) to get to the University.

10. I (занимаюсь общественной работой) at our faculty and I enjoy it very much.

11. There are different subjects on the (учебном плане).

12. (В конце курса обучения) students take final examinations and (представляют выпускную работу).

Translate the following into English.

1. Какие экзамены мы должны сдать, чтобы поступить на исторический факультет университета?

2. Вы должны сдать экзамены по истории, русскому языку и литературе.

3. Вы решили стать учителем истории?

4. Да, я заинтересовалась этим предметом в школе, поэтому я посещала исторический кружок.

5. Курс обучения в университете длится пять лет, и я собираюсь поступать туда сразу после школы.

Read the text and speak about your friend.

Ann left school in June and began to prepare for her entrance exams to the University. As both her mother and father are teachers she made up her mind to be a teacher too. She thinks teaching is a noble profession.

She had to take four exams and passed all of them with excellent marks. Now she is a first-year student at the Moscow State Teacher Training University. Ann is good at Russian and literature, so she is going to be engaged in the work of the literary society.

She lives rather far from the University, that’s why it takes her half an hour to get there by bus. She studies well and devotes a lot of her spare time to sport activities.

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