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Two friends Susan and Maurice are having supper in a restaurant

Maurice Haven't seen you for a long time. What have you been busy with?

Susan I've been pretty busy. Do you know my friend Nora? I went into

business with her.

Maurice Really? How is it going on?

Susan Fine, thanks. We get along very well, and the shop is attracting

more and more customers.

Maurice It sounds well. How many partners are there in your business?

Susan There are two of us and I am very pleased about it. I've made a right

choice. Nora's background is in accounting. She is very good at

keeping the books.

Maurice And you?

Susan You know I always liked talking. I guess I am rather good with

customers. I enjoy selling things.

Maurice Well, it sounds interesting. I believe you don't run a risk in your


Susan We haven't had many problems, although I suppose any business

can be risky. As partners we are both liable.

Maurice Did you both put the same amount of money into business? Do you

mind my asking?

Susan No, we didn't invest the same amount of capital. But I think we've

combined our resources very well. I think it's good for both of us.

Maurice It seems really so. That is one advantage of general partnership.

You can invest less capital than your partner – even no money at all.

But you as a partner can contribute important service or skills,

sometimes just a name or a reputation.

Susan Indeed.

Maurice How did you arrange to distribute profits and losses?

Susan We share them equally. We hope to be in business for a long time.

Maurice Nice for you. Now you seem to know a lot about business.

Susan Not everything yet but the subject becomes quite technical.

Maurice I am glad to hear it. It's time to go now. See you later. Bye.


to be busy with – заниматься чем-либо

to go into business — заниматься бизнесом

to get along well — ладить друг с другом

to attract customers — привлекать покупателей

to make a right choice — сделать правильный выбор

background — здесь рабочий опыт

accounting — бухгалтерский учет

to run a risk — рисковать

to be liable — нести юридическую ответственность

amount of money — сумма (количество) денег

to put an amount of money into business — вложить сумму денег в


to combine resources — комбинировать ресурсы

advantage — преимущество

to contribute services, skills — делать вклад, содействовать умениям и


to distribute profits and losses — распределять доходы и убытки

to share — делить

the subject becomes quite technical — это становится уже делом техники

deal — сделка

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