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II. Answer the following questions.

1. How did the story of the blacks in North America begin?

2. Why was the demand for black labor great?

3. What was the plantation economy based on?

4. What was not enough to end slavery?

5. Why were the blacks brought from Africa to North America in the 17th century?

6. What was B. Banner famous for?

7. What is Paul Cuffe famous for?

8. Where could the blacks be free according to P.Cuffe?

III. Give Russian equivalents to the following English word combinations:

The history of blacks; a Dutch warship; English colony; to be short of everything; to clear and till the land; a source of free labor; on the plantations; to satisfy the demand; the slave trade; the plantation economy; institution of slavery; to fight for independence; self-determination; colonial society; the continent of the ancestors.

IV. Give English equivalents to the following Russian word combinations:

военный корабль; новая колония; захватить испанский ко­рабль; расчищать и обрабатывать землю; бесплатный труд; осно­вываться на; равенство людей; институт рабства; бороться за неза­висимость; личная свобода; колониальное общество; вопросы раб­ства; континент предков; бороться за свободу и достоинство всех рабов.

V. Retell the text, using expressions given in task 3.


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