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Read and practice

1.– Hello. I’m Ann Porter. What’s your name?

- My name’s Pete Martyn.

- How do you spell it? M-A-R-T-I-N?

- No, M-A-R-T-Y-N.

- And how old are you, Pete?

- I’m seventeen. And you?

- I’m sixteen.

2.– Is your family large?

- No, not very. We are four: mother, father, sister and me.

- Is your sister a student?

- No, she isn’t. She is a schoolgirl.

- I see. And your parents? What do they do?

- My father is a vet and my mother is a teacher.

Describe the family using the information from the dialogue.

- I know you’ve got 3 sisters. Where do they live?

- My elder sister Carolina lives in Washington. My younger sister Virginia lives in New York. Lucy lives with our parents in Los Angeles.

- I’ve got sisters, too. But one of them lives in Europe, the second – in Australia. I don’t see them very often.

- It’s a pity you seldom see them: it makes you unhappy. Am I right?

- Sure. I’d like to see them more often.

- Don’t you want to go to Australia?

- I’d love to. But I have too much work to do now. And I can’t afford it.

Find suitable answers and make up the dialogue.

- Hello. My name is Oleg. And what’s your name?

- …

- Are you from Great Britain?

- …

- And where are you from?

- ...

- I’m from Russia.

- …

- I am eighteen. And you?

- …

- Sorry?

- …

Text 2

“My Family

This is my family: my wife, my son, my daughter and me. My name’s Peter Black. I’m 40. My wife’s name is Julia Black. She is 32 years old. We have two children, a boy and a girl. The boy’s name is John. He is twelve years old. He is a schoolboy. My daughter’s name is Mary. She is very young. She is only five.

I’m an electrical engineer. I work at a large company. My wife is a housewife. She has a lot of work to do.

We have many relatives: cousins, uncles and aunts. My parents are sixty years old. They are farmers. Julia’s sister Ann is her best friend. Ann is a college teacher. She is twenty-four years old. She is not married. She is fond of our children.

My hobby is sports. My wife’s hobby is knitting. My son’s hobby is reading. My daughter’s hobby is dancing.

We always spend our weekends together. We are a happy family.


wife – жена

daughter – дочь

son – сын

children – дети

relatives – родственники

cousin – двоюродный брат (сестра)

uncle – дядя

aunt – тетя

knitting – вязание