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The Institute of Biotechnology and Veterinary Medicine

Text P “Zooengineering faculty”

I study at the Tyumen State Agricultural Academy. It was founded in 1959 as an Agricultural Institute. It got the title of the Academy on 3rd April, 1995.

I am a second-year student of Zooengineering faculty of the Institute of Biotechnology and Veterinary Medicine. Our Institute trains zooengineers, fish-breeders and veterinary doctors. The Institute of Biotechnology and Veterinary Medicine was founded in 2007. It is the youngest Institute at our Academy.

My future speciality is a zooengineer. Zooengineering faculty was established in 1959. It is one of the oldest faculties at our Academy.

The main tasks of a zooengineer are to raise healthy herd of farm animals, to increase meat, milk and egg production, to improve breeding work, feeding and management of animals and mechanization of work in animal husbandry.

Thus, nowadays a zooengineer is both an engineer and a biologist, a technologist and an organizer of agricultural production.

He must be a good economist too. He is to know anatomy of animals, all physiological and biochemical processes.

Besides, he has to deal with different machines used in animal husbandry. To become good specialists we study such subjects as Anatomy of Farm Animals, Animal Physiology, Cattle-breeding, Poultry-breeding, Sheep-breeding, Feeding, Farm Mechanization, Electrification and others. All these subjects are of great importance.

While studying the students of our faculty have their practical work on the experimental training farm and at different agricultural enterprises of our region. Being on the farm they work in cowsheds, sheep-pens, pigsties and poultry-breeding farms.

Besides, they are taught taking care of animals, feeding them, milking cows with the help of milking machines, breeding hens in incubators and hand and machine shearing.

On graduating from the Academy, I’ll receive a diploma of a zooengineer.

I like my future speciality. It is a very interesting and necessary one.

1. Memorize the following words and expressions:

1) to be founded – быть основанным

2) task – задача

3) healthy herd of farm animals – здоровое поголовье с/х животных

4) to improve – улучшать

5) breeding work – селекционная работа

6) feeding – кормление

7) management – содержание

8) animal husbandry – животноводство

9) both … and – как … так и

10) besides – кроме того

11) cattle-breeding – скотоводство

12) poultry-breeding – птицеводство

13) sheep-breeding – овцеводство

14) subject – предмет

15) importance – важность

16) cowshed – коровник

17) sheep-pen – овчарня, загон для овец

18) pigsty – свинарник

19) hen – курица

20) hand and machine shearing – ручная и машинная стрижка

21) to graduate from – окончить (вуз)

2. Answer the following questions:

1) Where do you study?

2) When was your higher educational establishment founded?

3) What specialists does your Institute train?

4) What year-student are you and what is your speciality?

5) When was your Institute founded?

6) What is the youngest Institute at our Academy?

7) What are the main tasks of a zooengineer?

8) What subjects do you study to become good specialists?

9) Where do zooengineer students have their practical work?

10) What kind of work do the students do on the farm?

11) When will the students of your faculty receive their diplomas?

12) Why do you like your future speciality?

3. Complete the following sentences:

1) Our Institute trains … .

2) I am a second-year student … .

3) The main tasks of a zooengineer are … .

4) We study such subjects as … .

5) On graduating from the Academy, … .

6) It got the title of the Academy … .

7) Being on the farm the students of our faculty work … .

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