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Ex. 12. Translate into English making use of the words from the box

slender beard shy short fat hazel eyes pale skin kind-hearted plump cheeks honest ginger-haired curly hair broad shoulders good-looking plain snubbed nose take after father lazy

1. У ее брата очень широкие плечи. 2. Она симпатичная, а вот сестра ее некрасивая.3. Сегодня она чувствует себя нехорошо и кожа у нее бледная.4. Невысокого роста и толстые дети часто бывают стеснительными. 5. Моей подруге нравятся молодые люди с бородой и карими глазами.6. У близнецов моей сестры кудрявые волосы. 7. Какие девушки нравятся твоему двоюродному брату? – Рыженькие. 8. Все люди хотят быть стройными. 9. У моего племянника курносый нос и полноватые щечки, он похож на отца. 10. Мой друг добрый и честный, но очень уж ленивый.

Ex. 13. Put in itorthere

1. … rains a lot in winter. 2. … was a strong wind yesterday. 3. Is … a bookshop near here? 4. … was a nice day yesterday. 5. We can't go skiing. … isn't any snow. 6. … is hot in this room. Open a window. 7. I was afraid because … was very dark. 8. … was a storm last night. Did you hear it? 9. …is a long way from here to the nearest shop. 10. … wan’t anything on television last night. 11. How far is … from Milan to Rome?

Ex. 14. Put in him/her/yoursetc.

1. Where's Ann? Have you seen … ? 2. Where are my keys? Where did I put … ? 3. That is not my bag, … is black. 4. This letter is for Bill. Can you give it to … ? 5. We wrote to John but he didn't answer … letter. 6. “I can't find my pen. Can I use … ?” “Yes, of course.” 7. We're going to the cinema. Why don't you come with … ? 8. Can we use your washing machine? … is broken. 9. Did your sister pass … exams? 10. Tom invited some friends of … to the restaurant. 11. Some people talk about … jobs all the time. 12. Last night I went out for a meal with a friend of … . 13. We had dinner with a neighbour of … .

Ex. 15. Fill in the blanks with the necessary form of the verb to be.

1. I … at home now. My room … small. 2. He … at the University yesterday. 3. We … in the man’s house last week. 4. Our work … over tomorrow. 5. The girls … in the next room now. 6. Next year she … a teacher of English. 7. The children … at home at this time of the day. 8. My friend … in bed tomorrow because he is ill. 9. My brother … at school at 2 o’clock yesterday. 10. This time last year Jack … in Paris. 11. Today the weather … nice, but yesterday it … very cold. 12. It … a public holiday yesterday. 13. When I was a child, I … afraid of dogs.

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