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Ex. 8. Make the following sentences interrogative and negative

1. They will know the results in a week. 2. Clothes will be different in many years. 3. Sally will phone you when she gets home from work. 4. The weather will be much warmer tomorrow. 5. Everybody will have a computer in the year 2100. 6. I will remember this day all my life. 7. You will become a well-qualified specialist in 5 years. 8. Jack will be back in a minute. 9. He will like our new house when he sees it. 10. I will pay him a lot if he works well. 11. Helen will stay in bed till the clock strikes seven.

Types of Questions


Auxiliary verb Subject Predicate or part of it Object Adverbial modifier
Do you watch TV in the evening?
Have they got free time in summer?
Does she wash her hair in the morning?

Special (except the subject)

Interrogative Pronoun Auxiliary Verb Subject Predicate Part of Predicate Object Adverbial Modifier
Why does she come to school so early?
Who did you borrow the money from?
Where shall we go   now?

Special (to the subject)

Interrogative Pronoun (+ a noun) Predicate Object Adverbial Modifier
Who gave you the information?
Which bus goes   to the city centre?
Whose friends will visit him in hospital?

Pre-Reading Activity

Guess the meaning of the following words.

Mathematician [,mxTImq`tIS(q)n], founder [`faundq], progress [`prqugres]

information [Infq`meIS(q)n], privilege [`prIvIlIG], union [`jHnIqn], especially [I`speS(q)lI], comfortable [`kAmf(q)tqbl].

Read and learn the basic vocabulary terms.

delay (n) [dI`leI] задержка
recent (adj) [`rJs(q)nt] последний, недавний
manage (v) [`mxnIG] суметь (сделать)
belong (v) [bI`lON] принадлежать, быть частью группы
outstanding (adj) [aut`stxndIN] выдающийся, знаменитый
room-mate (n) [`rHm,meIt] товарищ по комнате
describe (v) [dI`skraIb] описывать
routine (n) [rH`tJn] определенный режим, заведенный порядок
flash by (v) [`flxS] пронестись, промчаться
drag (v) [`drxg] тянуться, затягиваться
instructive (adj) [In`strAktIv] содержательный, поучительный
compete (v) [kqm`pJt] cоревноваться
facilities (n) [fq`sIlItIz] благоприятные условия, возможности
area (n) [`e(q)rIq] район; область; сфера
various (adj) [`ve(q)rIqs] различный, всевозможный
society (n) [sq`saIqtI] общество, объединение
depend on (v) [dI`pend] зависеть от
imagine (v) [I`mxGIn] воображать, представлять себе
nowadays (adj) [`nauqdeIz] в наше время, теперь

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