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Ex. 10. Find the Russian equivalents for the following English word combinations

1. to belong to a group

2. to describe the routine

3. to depend on the weather

4. to have a late night

5. on the other hand

6. to have a lie-in

7. to attend lectures

8. as a matter of fact

9. to be available

10.a students’ hall of residence

11.a recent letter

12.recreation facilities and entertainments be up to one’s neck in work outstanding mathematician

a. зависеть от погоды

b. ходить на лекции

c. места отдыха и развлечения

d. быть студентом группы

e. быть в наличии

f. выдающийся математик

g. быть по горло загруженным работой

h. студенческое общежитие

i. описывать определенный режим дня

j. оставаться в постели позже обычного

k. поздно лечь спать

l. с другой стороны

m. в действительности

n. последнее письмо

Ex. 11. Read what Sharon says about a typical working day:

I usually get up at 7 o'clock and have a big breakfast. I walk to work, which takes me about half an hour. I start work at 8.45. I never have lunch. I finish work at 5 o'clock. I'm always tired when I get home. I usually cook a meal in the evening. I don't usually go out. I go to bed at about 11 o'clock. I always sleep well.

Yesterday was a typical working day for Sharon. Write what she did or didn't do yesterday.

1. She got up at 7 o'clock.

2. She … a big breakfast.

3. She … .

4. It … to get to work.

5. … at 8.45.

6. … lunch.

7. … at 5 o'clock.

8. … tired when … home.

9. … a meal yesterday evening.

10.… out yesterday evening.

11.… at 11 o'clock.

12.… well last night.

Ex. 12. Complete the sentences. Use I’ll (I will) + one of these verbs:

carry do eat send show sit stay
1. My bag is very heavy. … it for you.
2. Enjoy your holiday. Thank you. … you a postcard.
3. I don't want this banana. Well, I'm hungry. … it.
4. Do you want a chair? No, it's OK. … on the floor.
5. Did you phone Jenny? Oh no, I forgot. … it now.
6. Are you coming with me? No, I don't think so. … here.
7. How do you use this camera? Give it to me and … you.

Ex. 13. Write sentences beginning I think... or I don't think... .

1 (Diana will pass the exam) 2 (Diana won't pass the exam) 3 (we'll win the game) 4 (I won't be here tomorrow) 5 (Sue will like her present) 6 (they won't get married) 7 (you won't enjoy the film) 8 (it won’t rain this afternoon) 9 (the exam will be difficult) 10 (she won’t be up to her neck in work)

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