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Text Е. Jaundice

Jaundice is a symptom common to many disturbances and diseases of the liver, such as obstruction of the bile ducts, cancer, etc. In jaundice the skin and the sclerae take on a yellowish colour which may vary in its intensity. Even the serum of the blood is bile coloured. Jaundice is frequently accompanied by severe itching. The pulse is usually slow, and there is a tendency to haemorrhage. In advanced cases nervous symptoms may develop. Jaundice being caused by obstruction, the bile cannot pass to the intestines and the stools are of a white colour. The urine is deeply coloured. In toxic jaundice the stools may be of normal colour or deeply bile coloured.

Infectious jaundice in adults has been found to be due to a virus. It is characterized by fever, vomiting, jaundice and haemorrhage from the nose, intestines, etc., Jaundice is not a rare complication in case of severe intoxication.

VI. Приготовьте сообщение на тему "Infectious Hepatitis" на основании текстов А, В, Е.


VII. Translate the words with the same root:

strong, strength, strengthen, strongly; continue, continuous, discontinue, discontinuous, discontinuation; digest, digestive, digestion, indigestion; sense, sensitive, sensitivity, senseless, hypersensitivity; thick, thickly, thickness, thicken, thickened; local, locate, localize, localized, localization, location, locality; wide, widely, width, widen, widened

VIII. Memorize the reading and meaning of the medical terms: diabetes [,daia'bi:tis] диабет, сахарная болезнь

biopsy ['baiapsi] биопсия (диагностическое исследование ткани, взятой из живого организма)

pigmentation [,pigm3n'teiJh]oKpaiiiHBaHHe stasis ['steisis] застой, стаз rash [raej] сыпь

IX. Finish the following definitions and answer the questions:

1. The disease of the endocrine system caused by a large amount of sugar in the blood is.... 2. The colouring of the skin caused by some disturbances in the body is.... 3. The diagnostic examination of the tissue taken from a living body is.... 4. An unusual eruption (высыпание) on the skin mostly caused by some infectious disease is ... . 5. The disturbance of blood circulation that causes blood to stop at a certain portion of a vessel is....

What is: a) pigmentation; b) rash; c) diabetes; d) stasis; e) biopsy?

X. 1. Read Text F. 2. Translate the second paragraph; a) name the findings of the physical examination; b) state the abnormalities revealed by laboratory analyses. 3. Summarize the essence of each paragraph in a sentence so as to make the plan of the case history:

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