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CLASS ASSIGNMENTS Revision. VI. Find the prefixes, explain their meaning, translate the words:

VI. Find the prefixes, explain their meaning, translate the words:

indirect, subcutaneous, intratracheal, extrahepatic, aseptic, abnormality, disappear, inadequate, impossible, readmit

VII. Give the words of

a) the close meaning: an end, to use, former, a shortage, a recovery, to damage, having connection with;

b) the opposite meaning: to evacuate, an outcome, artificial, favourable, previous, to connect, relative

VIII. Translate the following word combinations:

1. жизненная емкость легких; 2. природный иммунитет;

3. искусственный иммунитет: 4. при различных условиях;

5. последующие инфекции; 6. предыдущий приступ; 7. достаточное количество; 8. вводить вакцину подкожно; 9. предупреждать распространение бактерий; 10. вызывать лейкоцитоз; 11. поражать жизненные органы; 12. активная сопротивляемость

IX. Make up the sentences choosing the appropriate subject:

The patient was always and still is one of the most

common and fatal diseases of the tropics.

Malaria is characterized by persisting temperature

which varies slightly during the night.

Continuous fever in children, the weak and the aged is

influenced more favourably by warm, moist air.

Bronchitis who had injured his right arm and had

several deep wounds on it was injected 1,500 units of antitetanic (противостолбнячная) serum.

X. Answer the following questions:

1. What are infections caused by? 2. What is immunity? 3. What are toxins? 4. What are antitoxins? 5. How can artificial immunity be produced? 6. What role do phagocytes play in the human body? 7. What are vaccines used for? 8. What is sepsis? 9. What analysis is performed to confirm the evidence of diphtheria? 10. What is a severe case of diphtheria characterized by?

XI. Translate the following sentences:

1. If the resistance of the organism to infections were insufficient any man would suffer from numerous infectious diseases. 2. The physician wanted to know if the patient had been given diphtheria vaccination previously. 3. If the man is operated on for appendicitis he is given local anaesthesia. 4. If he had not been ill with diphtheria the membrane would not have extended over the tonsils, pharynx and larynx.

XII. Translate the following using the Subjunctive Mood:

На вашем месте:

1. Я бы ввел это лекарство подкожно. 2. Я бы применил вакцинацию в этом случае. 3. Я бы исследовал, как размножаются патогенные микроорганизмы.

XIII. Read Text В and retell it:

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