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CLASS ASSIGNMENTS. VII. Translate the following word combinations:

VII. Translate the following word combinations:

1. летальный исход; 2. мазок крови; 3. обложенный язык; 4. тяжелое отравление крови; 5. бредовое состояние; 6. чрезвычайное утомление; 7. выздоровление было гладким (без осложнений)

VIII. Choose a noun that can be used as an attribute of each of the nouns given below:

blood, diphtheria, lymph node, barium, emergency, tissue, incubation

antitoxin, biopsy, meal, surgery, degeneration, period, smear

IX. Choose the verbs to be used with the nouns:

to complain of, to support, to prescribe, to sterilize, to eliminate, to remove

a strict diet, chills, the danger, the theory, a benign tumour, surgical instruments

X. Translate the following sentences:

1. If chemotherapy had not been discontinued last week liver damage would have become too severe. 2. Profuse external bleeding had to be controlled in time lest the patient would die. 3. The physician insisted that the patient should follow a strict diet. 4. This idea is likely to be supported by everybody. 5. It is important that all surgical instruments be sterilized adequately.

XI. Translate the following sentences paying attention to the words given in bold type:

1. Looking back at the great discoveries of science many of them seem so simple. 2. Having been sterilized for only a few minutes the instruments were not considered to be harmless. 3. A little barium meal was given to the patient when the filling defect was being revealed. 4. Does the atmospheric air contain little or much moisture at the seaside? 5. Few effects of gastric ulcer are marked in patients during remissions, but inadequate diet is responsible for their recurrence.

XII. 1. Translate the extract using a dictionary. 2. Entitle it. Say what Dr. Martin undertook to save the girl's life:


Mary was a child of seven or eight. Doctor Marlin found her lips and fingers blue, and her face pale. From time to time she made an effort to breathe deeply and coughed up much saliva with grayish specks.

It was, he considered, quinsy or diphtheria. Probably diphtheria. No time now for bacteriological examinations and many other clinical tests. The doctor was watching the girl nervously trying her pulse again and again.

Doctor Martin decided to get diphtheria antitoxin from me nearby town and asked the child's father to ring up the chemist's there.

Martin was waiting nervously looking at the child. Her hoarse breathing became terrible. Should he operate: cut into the larynx so that she might breathe? He had to do something. "Get a few hot towels and keep them around her neck," Martin said to the child's mother. At that moment the child's father appeared telling him that there was nobody at the chemist's. "Then listen. I am afraid this may be serious. I must get some antitoxin. I am going to drive to town myself. You continue these hot applications. And the room must be moister. So keep a little boiling water here. No use of medicine now. I'll be back soon."

From "Arrowsmith" by Sinclair Lewis. (Adapted)



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