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Medicine in Ancient Civilization

Early man, like the animals, was subject (был подвержен) to illness iind death. Life was uncomfortable, dangerous and hard. If the man had ;i wound (рана), his instinctive action was to suck (отсосать) or lick (лизать) this wound. He knew that bleeding (кровотечение) very often eased (уменьшало) the pain of a wound.

Instinctive medical actions soon became ceremonial rituals which be­came very important in the life of a primitive man. Medicine progressed slowly. The medicine-man (лекарь) practiced magic (магия) to help l he man who was ill or had a wound.

As the centuries passed, man came to know anatomy from the ani­mals he killed. The medicine-man became the central figure of the tribe (племя).

Between 7000 and 4000 B.C. new civilization developed from the early tribes. Ancient Egyptians were the earliest civilized people in the world. They studied the human body. Magic still played an important part when the medicine-man treated (лечил) ill people but Egyptians also developed practical methods of treatment. Homer wrote that Egyp-tian doctors were the best in his time.

The early Indians in Mexico used narcotics in the treatment of dis­eases (болезни). In Peru and India surgery (хирургия) was very devel­oped. Amputations were very common in these countries.

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Medicine in China began about 2600 B.C. The Chinese (китайцы) used acupuncture very often. The Chinese also discovered about two thousand medicinal substances (лекарственные вещества).

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перед глухими

[u] mother some

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stomach (желудок) love

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