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A Provincial Responsibility

There is no federal educational system in Canada: the Constitution vested the exclusive responsibility for education to the provinces. Each provincial system, while similar to the others, reflects its specific regional concerns and historical and cultural heritage. The provincial departments of education - headed by an elected minister - set stan­dards, draw up curriculums and give grants to educational institutions.

Responsibility for the administration of elementary and secondary (or high) schools is delegated to local elected school boards or commissions.

Post-Secondary Education

Until the mid-1960s, post-secondary education in Canada was provided almost exclusively by its universi­ties. These were mainly private institutions, many with a religious *affiliation. How­ever, as the demand for greater variety in post-secondary education rose sharply and enroll­ment *mushroomed, systems of publicly op­erated post-secondary non-university institu­tions began to de­velop.

*affiliation – присоединение

*to mushroom – быстро распространяться

Ex. 1. Answer the following questions.

1. What systems does education in Canada comprise?

2. Speak on public education and free education.

3. How much does Canada spend on education?

4. Is there a federal educational system in Canada?

5. What does each provincial system try to reflect in education?

6. Speak on post-secondary education in Canada.

E. Inventions

Canada has been home to a surprising num­ber (relative to population) of world-renowned inventors. Here are just some of the incredible things that have been invented in Canada and/or by its citizens.

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